Monday, March 05, 2007

Rough Life

I left Wyatt with a friend for a few hours today so I could go to a luncheon. While I was eating free Macaroni Grill yumminess, Wyatt was playing in a virtual Toys R Us! Isaac's mommy gets all the good toys and Wyatt loves it at their house - check it out!

Kristen calls this one the Hugh Hefner in training picture. "Hey ladies, wanna sit in this chair with me?" If Kristen were Japanese, I'd believe that was exactly what Wyatt was thinking! Standing up is so old-hat.
Isaac and Wyatt agree: eating plastic blocks is fun!
Wyatt's giving his best, "hey, I'm not doing anything wrong! Issac's the one eating blocks" look.
Apparently this was the part of playtime where Isaac was seeing if Wyatt could be pushed up the little people slide. The answer is only halfway. Fun game!

This here hounddog sings some nice Elvis songs....

...and Wyatt isn't sure what to make of that!

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Leslie said...

Just plain adorable. Love the boys playing together. So sweet :)