Friday, April 06, 2007

The Simple Life

We got Coco's takeout tonight and while we were waiting, witnessed a conversation that would only happen here.

Man 1: Hey! I got a new car!
Man 2: Yeah, I heard. That's awesome!
Man 1: Thanks. It's pretty cool.
Man 2: That's what so-and-so said. What year is it?
Man 1: It's a '94!

Let me clarify that these were two full-fledged adults, seemingly gainfully employed, etc. So perhaps this will help you non-islanders understand what we lovingly refer to as our "Okinawa values". Because as I sat there listening, I thought, "hey! I think I'd like to get a '94 something. That would be nice."

Any bets on how long that feeling of "all I need is a car with four hubcaps, air conditioning and a good engine" will last once we return to America? Ha! Wish me luck.


Mom said...

You'll be so delighted to be reunited with your nearly new 4-Runner that you'll forget all about "minimal" transportation.

lisa said...

c'mon be really meant to say 3 hubcaps.