Wednesday, April 25, 2007

We're Confused...

It turns out there's wireless in this fancy lodging so I'm catching up. But reluctantly, reluctantly I tell you, because now that you know I'm here I feel the guilt of needing to post pictures and tell stories and update you on all the stuff happening in Hawaii. But I'm ignoring your pleas and forging ahead! Here's what I will tell you.

I'm confused about why Hawaii has ALL THIS GREAT STUFF on base that we don't have in Okinawa. C'mon! There are a lot of us stuck on that smaller island in the Pacific that would appreciate an exchange that passes for a small department store, a monster commissary complete with a massive produce department, large organic selections (organic powdered sugar! who knew?) and even.....drumroll please.....YoBaby yogurt. Because yo, baby, my kid digs that stuff and it's so good for him! How can I pack it on ice to get it home? How about the Einstein Bagels? (yes, Lisa, it's on base and it's real and it's good! I can't figure out how to get that to you, either). And McDonalds that sells real espresso drinks and Seattle's Best and base housing that looks straight out of the 'burbs all pretty and nice? Why can't we get a little of the good stuff? I'm just asking.

And Wyatt's confused about napping. Should he? Shouldn't he? Yesterday he thought, "no. I will not nap. I am not a child who needs to sleep more than an hour". But today he has decided, "yes. I think I will nap. Thank you, Mommy, for suggesting such a lovely idea! How about if I nap ALL FRICKING DAY!?" Why did he pick now to decide to finally take a monster nap - doesn't he know I discovered outlet shopping yesterday? For the love of pete. Someone wake that kid up! He's got 7 minutes before that someone is me.


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hacsac said...

I don't understand that either!! And I bet the children's section in their library on base (with US libraries right there!) are better too! Go figure!! We miss you!!