Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Jeff has this saying that there are only so many penguins that can fit on an iceberg and he applies that as an analogy for how much knowledge his brain can hold. You know, like when I say, "you remember such and such", he replies, "hmm...must be too many penguins on the iceberg."

So I find it FASCINATING that his father must have one large iceberg. Because during dinner tonight, when Jeff said, "so when did your training start?" He didn't miss a beat before saying, "23 September, 1969." You know, because everyone remembers specific dates from four decades back.

And now Jeff's more recent penguins are plummeting left and right as he hears all the tales of the good ol' days (because he's begging to hear them, not because his dad is one just to sit and tell these stories randomly) which means that all the stuff we talked about when he got home tonight is probably not in that little cranium anymore.

Bye-bye penguins, it was nice knowing you. I hope you can stay a little longer on your next visit.

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Lisa said...

I like how you have tags/labels now....please tell me I get credit for "The Capt" ??? :) ha ha ha