Friday, June 29, 2007

It's a Boy... longer a baby because we finally got Wyatt's first haircut.
I would be lying to say I was calm and unconcerned - it would, in fact, be more accurate to say my heart was beating a little fast and I was nervous - but all went well. We took him to Tomiko-san at the club and he was fairly cooperative sitting in Daddy's lap; she was very kind and agreed that we should leave a little wave in the back so that made me relax a little. I never pegged myself for becoming attached to my child's hair, but I definitely am! There's just something about the funny things it does that contributes to Wyatt's character, if that makes sense. And I figure he has the rest of his life to have a military haircut! Of course, technically he also has the rest of his life to grow it out, but still!
We think it looks pretty cute (even though it's a little straight across the front, a la Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber) and we all survived. Of course I have all the shorn ringlets in an envelope so that someday Wyatt can laugh at me for keeping his hair, or maybe so that someday I can lovingly look at that and remember the day my baby started looking like a little boy.
The first cut.

Hey! Watch where you're putting those things!

Halfway through and all is well.

Curls curls everywhere...just not on Wyatt's head.


PaRon said...

So damn cute !!!!

PaRon said...

Wyatt: Grandma Elaine just had hair from her second haircut (61 or 62 year old hair) showing it to Aunt Susan on the day that Thomas got a trim this week.

The Thomas Crew said...

You will remember that for a very long time. He is SO cute, Steph!

Mom said...

I've looked at this posting at least a dozen times and not commented. But I have to say, "He is so cute!!" I love his big-boy innocent pose at the end and his beginnings of a farmer's tan. He's just a love. And by the way, I was six when my long locks were shorn, so my blond curls are not 61 years old!

Great Grandma Schmidt said...

Glad they left the wave in the back. Looks like he managed to find chocolate on his cake despite trying to keep him clean.