Monday, June 25, 2007

The Long-Awaited Birthday Post

What's that? You weren't waiting? Well, humor me.

In summary: there were monkeys, there was cake, there were a few of Wyatt's closest friends on hand to celebrate (and despite the fact that we limited the party to people Wyatt sees on a really regular basis, he was still overwhelmed and had to have some time in his room to "collect himself"). He liked his cake, he liked his friends, his friends liked the ball pit and the adults had fun, too. Now for the pictures.

The cake. Three layers of cakey goodness, filled with banana cream and topped with lots of frosting. Hey, as long as I'm making it, I might as well like it. And also? If you're making a cake like this, you should probably start frosting it a little sooner than an hour before the party because that can stress a person out!
Wyatt, Lauren & Nathan (well-hidden) having fun in the wading pool-turned ball pit.
Wyatt giving Katelyn some love. We might need to work on the approach since waltzing up behind a girl and pulling on her shirt isn't always appropriate.

Wyatt got his own baby monkey cake. I'm not gonna lie, it was partly because hey! that's cute but mostly because I couldn't stand the thought of having to get chocolate frosting out of his clothes.

This is Wyatt showing his appreciation for getting a cake all to himself. Oh, and the part where everyone was singing to him? He liked that, too.

So I can just put my hands right here? And it's okay?

Is this the chocolate you don't want on my clothes?
This frosting stuff is yummy!

Don't worry. I'll get it all off my fingers.

Woo hoo! Now I feel GOOD!


susan said...

Happy Birthday, sweet boy! Wish we could have been there to help get you all hyped up. We want to celebrate your 2nd birthday in person!

Love, Aunt Susan, Uncle Mark, Andrew and Thomas

Ade said...

Happy Birthday Wyatt! I love the cakes! You are officially Super-Mom if you didn't know that already! How time flies...I remember talking to you while you were waiting until it was "time" to go to the hospital like it was last week! It looks like the party was a success! I wish we could have been there!
Miss you guys!

PaRon said...

PaRon and Grandma Elaine plan on being with you for your 2nd birthday celebration. We love you and think that you did a great job of celebrating #1.

Mom said...

Great pictures, great cake, great friends, great kid and great family. We love you all.

Vivian said...

The cakes are awesome!! I especially like how crazy the one cake begins to look when Wyatt starts eating it. Well done.