Monday, June 18, 2007


I think we have a problem...or two. First, there seems to be an inverse relationship between Wyatt's words and his signs. As in, the more words he gets, the more confused his signs are.

Additionally, I could've sworn you all had told me it was the terrible twos, not the terrible ones. Liars! Wyatt is Mister Shortfuse these days and also Mister Hitsalot and also Mister Tantrumthrower. I think he must be turning two on Sunday, not one.

So please combine these two traits and tell me what you get. Go ahead, do the math. I can wait.

Right. That's just it! You get a non-walking almost-toddler who gets completely frustrated at the drop of a hat and then, in his utter I-am-so-mad-that-my-hands-are-shaking-and-I'm-silent-crying fit, starts throwing out random signs like "milk" and "more" while we patiently say, "would you like some help?"

Good times.

That's pretty much what ended tonight's fun with the dishwasher. It was all smiles and laughs up until he couldn't figure out how to open the soap dispenser door after he closed it. And no amount of us showing him or - GOD FORBID - putting his hand on the latch to push it was going to make it better. Instead, he would just yell, hit the soap dispenser door a couple times and then take a cheap shot at the diswasher door for good measure while instantaneously producing a crying frenzy. It was the first time (of many, I'm sure) that I had to remove myself from the situation because his absurdity was making me laugh. And laughing is not an effective means of communicating that "we don't hit."

And then, later, when I removed him from Millie's bowls for the umpteenth time tonight and told him that "those are not toys and you may not play in them", he literally threw himself down on the carpet to pitch a fit. Neat!

So if this is what one looks like, I'm not sure we're up for two.


Mike and Jamie said...

Hang in there, Steph! I'm sure like all superfun kid moments, this too shall pass. I must admit that I laughed and laughed at the thought of Wyatt "taking a cheap shot at the dishwasher door". You know, you should figure out a way to secretly video these moments and then use them to your advantage in his teenage years!

susan said...

I won't comment other than to tell you that we've decided three is the worst of all. It's like the terrible twos with experience.

susan said...

Ok, actually, I will make one more comment which is that I hauled my 14-month old off the top of the kitchen table twice yesterday and he can now scale up on to our bed and dance around like a wild man until he's caught and removed. He hasn't yet received the memo that he's not part mountain goat.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie,
Susan sent me this, and I just wanted you to know that we are right there with you all at the McCallum household. Jack launched his bananas and peanut butter toast across the room this morning in a screaming fit because we didn't get it to him fast enough. He sobbed with screams for another 10 minutes in his crib until he recovered. It's not the terrible 2''s the terrible 19 month old.....

Loved seeing the pictures of our precious little guy. Hope you all are doing well! -Kristie "Houston" McCallum