Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Brace Yourself, Effie!

Introducing Man-Yi. As in, man, ye better batten down thee hatches. Check it out!

1 bonus point if you know which little green island is Okinawa.
2 bonus points if you've done your research and know the trajectory of this storm.
3 bonus points if you can tell me what movie the title is quoted from.
Who wants to play?


PC said...

1. The green one is Okinawa. The little one. You know, THAT one (points to it).

2. Trajectory is in a circle. After all, a typhoon goes around and around and around, right?

3. Mrs. Doubtfire: Poor Winston's idea of foreplay was,"Effie, brace yourself."

So..that's like...6 points, right? Does that mean I can come over for dinner again? :)

Stephanie said...

Well done! And yes, since you left your rum, you can come back :)

Lisa said...

ok, PC just googled that quote, he had no idea where it was from. *I* on the other hand knew right away it was Mrs. Doubtfire!

Stephanie said...

Alright, SEVEN points for Lisa!