Monday, July 09, 2007

Ishigaki, part blah, blah, blah

This little Lisa-style document everything is wearing me out. Mmm...usss......t......fffff...innnnnn....isssssshhhhhhhh.....

Luckily day two started much better than day one ended! Wyatt was up fairly early, which meant we were up fairly early because it's pretty hard to pretend we don't hear him when he's two feet from our bed and can see us. We decided to get beach ready and head for breakfast. I'm telling you, this place had awesome food! So we enjoyed a nice breakfast and then moved to the sand. The morning was beautiful - the ocean was so calm and hardly anyone was out yet, so we had it largely to ourselves. It totally didn't come out in the picture, but there was a local on the rocks down the coast in a straw hat, fishing with a bamboo pole. It was fun to watch. And while I was busy with the camera and observing beach life, Jeff had Wyatt in the water play, play, playing.
(this is where the cute video of Wyatt in the water goes. But blogger video sucks.)

Have you EVER seen a hermit crab this small? Just goes to show, everyone starts somewhere.

We managed to get two naps out of Wyatt on this perfect day, so Jeff & I had time to take advantage of all the sports Club Med offers. Jeff (being the ultra-sporty guy he is) took windsurfing lessons, played tennis, went to the archery range and participated in the afternoon ping-pong tournament (which, actually, Wyatt was awake for and witnessed. He thought it was really cool to see Daddy hitting that little ball all over the place.) I was a little less exciting and only went to the archery range and took a couple turns on the trapeze. Yeah, that's right, a trapeze! It was so fun! There's video, but you know how sometimes you feel one way but then realize you look another way? Well, that's me and the trapeze. I felt graceful and possibly even slightly athletic. The video shows otherwise. It, in fact, shows that all those early years of gymnastics have decidedly NOT stuck with me and that I look like a dork with my limbs all akimbo. But I had fun and it was a total rush, so that's all that counts. And no, you probably won't see the footage. Just rest comfortably knowing it exists and that I've spared you.

The evening entertainment turned out to be a casino night set up around the pool along with some sort of swimming demonstration (I wasn't too clear on that one) and they had a telescope set up. The stars were amazing, as I should have expected considering we were a speck in the middle of the wide, dark ocean. The funny thing was that I took my turn at the telescope and asked what I was looking at and the guy said, "that" and pointed to the brightest object in the sky. Uh, yeah, got it. So I pressed on and said, "right. Is it a planet?" I received a very confused look in response, so I said, "is it Venus?" because really, isn't that always the bright planet? I have no idea but figured Mr. Club Med employee would because he's the one getting paid to monitor the big telescope. His response? "Oh, I have no idea what it is." Ahhhhh, I feel so much smarter now. So after I lost all my Club Med bucks playing blackjack (with Ben the Watersports Manager as my dealer), we called it a night.

Day 3 presented a few challenges since we had to check out at 11 but our flight didn't leave until 8:20. See what I mean? I forget about the fact that we have to entertain a kid!!! Wyatt was super-cooperative, slept a little later but still managed to take a good 2-hour nap ending at approximately 10:55. The front desk took our bags and we set out to occupy our day. Step one, have a big ol' lunch because this was the last meal in our all-inclusive fun. Jeff was a little more restrained than I was, but he really missed out by not having multiple desserts, lots of extra fruit and a cheese plate. Wyatt got the message and stuffed himself. Good boy! And this was the meal that I finally got the time/courage to video the COOLEST machine I've ever seen. Just look! (and this is where video from lunch goes. Google video still sucks.)

After our gluttonous lunch, we staked our claim at the beach. Wyatt was, again, completely fascinated with the water, the jetskis, the fishies, the sand, the shells, Mommy wearing a snorkel and mask, Daddy on a windsurfer, more fishies, more sand, more splashing, etc. I finally was WORN OUT with all the sand and sun and really was craving some shade. Did I mention it was really freaking hot and humid? Because it was. So we moved camp to the pool but then decided maybe we should go inside to the bar for some water first. Guess what? We never left the bar! It was awesome - Wyatt was totally happy cruising around the furniture (it was set up in little conversational areas, if that makes sense) and Jeff and I were thrilled with the open views of the water, the free-flowing beverages - both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, lest you be concerned for the kid's safety - and the snacks they brought out. Perfect!

We chatted with the bartenders (it turns out when you're one of two caucasian families at a place like this, you make friends kind of fast). For some reason I was amused with Blanche (really cute, really blonde, really tall French bartender) when I asked what other Club Med's she'd worked at. Her response, "well, Pour-two-gahl, Frahnce (with a gesture as if to say, how boring!) and ear." Something about the French accent makes me laugh. And are they all so blase about things that the rest of us might consider interesting?

Finally it was time to go clean up in the shower room we'd reserved for the last hour of our stay; it was really nice to know we weren't going home gross! Our cab was waiting for us when we went to turn in the shower room key and the staff saw us off with some candy and lots of waves. As in, they stood in the driveway and waved and waved and waved until we were completely out of sight. Wyatt thought it was fun to wave back!

And now (as though I'm in an eighth grade speech class) in summary, Club Med was fun and I would recommend it to anyone else living here in Okinawa. In fact, it will be on my list of places to look for everywhere we go from now on because we had a very pleasant experience.

(Except for the part where I woke up sick in the middle of the night after we got home. And the part where Jeff is still kind of sick. But hey, Wyatt never got sick and at least it didn't happen while we were still in a hotel room, right? I'm sure it wasn't Club Med's fault, so don't let that keep you away).

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