Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dear Mr. Murphy,

I don't know who you are or why you made up that silly law, but it's starting to get the best of me!

You see, I finally committed and ordered a carseat for Wyatt a few weeks ago, but the company wouldn't take my credit card information until they'd sent me a shipping quote (insert grumbles about living overseas and paying through. the. nose. - like $48 through my nose - for shipping on every little thing). All I had to do was call them during their business hours and provide my credit card number. Do you know how long it took me to do that? Yes, quite a while. Because calling them during their business hours requires me to remember it at the very end of my day or the very moment we wake up, both of which are times my brain is incredibly sluggish and showing its age. And twice I had false-starts; their answering service picked up and could only take a message. Obviously I wasn't leaving that information with an answering service.

But last night, I was smart. I called and provided all they needed to send that seat our way. Yay for me! I was rather proud of myself for finally crossing that off my perpetual to-do list.

My pride came to an end this afternoon, when another carseat-shopping friend sent me an email telling me where I could find my carseat of choice with free shipping.

For the love of pete, Mr. Murphy. Your law sucks and I wish it would quit loitering in my life!

S. Rock

P.S. I will forgive you if it turns out tonight's attempt to cancel that order actually worked. But since we're on rather shaky ground, you and I, how about if you make it up to me by keeping the weather nice in Hong Kong this weekend? Thanks! You're the best.

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