Thursday, August 02, 2007

Observations - Careful! Soapbox Ahead.

First observation: ***begin soapbox rant *** Tara & I went to lunch yesterday and as we walked out, I noticed a woman lighting her cigarette. The irritating part was that her little girl was standing right next to her; I really can't stand it when people make those kinds of choices for their kids. But then I had to do a doubletake when I also realized she was pregnant. Come on! How can anyone feel like it's okay to continue smoking while they're pregnant?! If I could've thought of one good zinger, I absolutely would've said something. Sadly, my words failed me and we just kept walking. I'm sure all the thoughts I was having were things she's heard before but I just wanted to tell her how neglectful and irresponsible it is. I think she already knew, though, considering she hid her cigarette as we walked by. But don't worry, by the time I had Wyatt buckled in and we were pulling out of the lot, she was walking to her car with one hand clasped around her little girl's hand and the other holding a bag - cigarette dangling from her lips. CLASSY!

There are so many rules on base that don't exist in the "civilian" world - people get arrested for leaving their kids in the car while they drop off mail or return a movie and their husband's boss is notified, there are strict guidelines for leaving kids home alone and precise rules for how old a babysitter has to be - yet this woman was standing on a marine base, just smokin' away while her two children suffered for it. If I could've called the MP's, I would've. If you think that's taking things too far, I think you're wrong.

***end soapbox rant***

Next observation: I might be a supermom! Just kidding, but when there's no one else here, I can tell myself all kinds of positive things! So why am I so great (as if you must ask)? Because I snuck a V8 into my kid's dinner!!! And in case you can't tell from the excessive use of exclamation points, this is a big deal. We have this issue that Wyatt is NOT into vegetables. He used to be mediocre with them but now he's flat-out anti-veggie. It's fairly frustrating because, hey, we all want the best for our kids and he will not even take his no-thank-you helpings. He will, however, squish each pea individually with his index finger and/or feed all vegetables to Millie. Anyway, I figure if a V8 has my daily allotment of all the good stuff, then surely it will cover him, too. He didn't fall for it the first time when I put it in his sippy cup (I know, it was a longshot, but I thought it was worth a try), but tonight he TOTALLY fell for it when I strained the sauce off his ravioli and replaced it with a V8 - low sodium, of course. He liked it so much that he ate it like soup! So guess what? Tomorrow's lunch might just be grilled cheese and "tomato soup". I see all kinds of potential with this sneaky food stuff!

Next observation: for the last 13 months, I've been trying to figure out how to work running into my daily routine with child. I have the super-duper running stroller (purchased in my I-had-to-quit-training-for-a-marathon-only-six-weeks-before-the-race funk when I was sure, just SURE, that I'd be one of those moms who had her stuff together), and for 13 months I've been unable to figure it out. Guess what? I just need to suck it up and start running again. We walked this morning with Kristen & Isaac but after we split ways, I ran. And it felt good. Really, really GOOD. Yes, I was disgustingly sweaty; yes, I was winded after the first block and no, I'm not going to be race-ready anytime soon, but I need to just quit my whining and get back in the saddle, er, dri-fit running gear and whip myself back into shape. How about if you help me stick to it? You know, randomly ask me how my running's going....guilt is powerful!

Last observation (really more of an admission): please reference the comment above where I mention moms who have their stuff together. While I know many of those ladies, I am not one of them. I have been working at being 'that mom' for 13 months and will continue to strive for that elusive prize, but I'm happier when I admit that I am just not there and might never be. Did you hear that? I might never have it all together! But you know what? I'm trying. I love my kid with every fiber of my being even when he's cranky, won't nap, is pulling my hair or hitting my face as I lean in for a kiss; I think he's perfect even though he's never uttered the word "mama" and I know that he's an amazing gift in my life even when I miss "the old days" of self-centeredness and I think that counts for something. So small victories (I remembered to take a bib to lunch yesterday! I snuck V8 into his diet!) will be celebrated around here. And to all my friends out there who are moms: I totally think you're the ones who have it all together. Just thought you might want to know.



Adrienne said...

I've decided that it is so much easier to think everyone else is Super Mom. There was a brief moment when I thought maybe I was approaching Semi- Super Mom, and now that I'm juggling two...I've been seriously demoted (for example I said I would NEVER use TV as a babysitter)! Sadly...I will admit this happened Monday!

The Blake Family said...

Stephanie, I know that..I too suffer from the "how can I get the laundry done, dinner cooked, bed made (yadayadayada) AND jog in my schedule AND be willing to do it in the heat" feeling too! I definitely know the feeling of not having it all together, so I too, will join the world of "I will never have it all together" moms and be happy with the things that ARE happening in my life. Hey, maybe I need an accountability partner too for my exercising habits...wanna help??

Leslie said...

OK, I'm welling, Steph, run!!! That's a one block victory for all of us struggling Moms out here! (I type this as Michael squiggles to be free from my lap...enough blogging, Mom!) Anyway, you "rock!"

Mom said...

Of course, you're supermom. (world's most awkward sentence coming...)Look after whom you modeled. Ha!