Sunday, September 30, 2007

Two Random Thoughts

1. Pennies! We haven't dealt with pennies for three years.
1a. I wonder if we've come out ahead or if the AAFES/DECA system has with all that rounding up and down. I kept track for about the first month (they were winning) but lost interest shortly thereafter.
1b. I think all Americans could stop using pennies. I really don't miss them.

2. I think the Toyota Vitz that came in Wyatt's supermarket collection is almost as big as the one I passed on 58.


susan said...

My comment is about the McDonald's apple pies. I vividly remember stopping at that McDonald's on the way back from the Aquarium when we visisted and the car-wide debate about whether the apple pie or the diet Coke was worse for Wyatt's en-utero development! I think you had both and look how cute he is.

Wish you could bring some of those home.

The Blake Family said...

Pennies...funny, we were having that discussion about how much money we may have lost (or not) forfeiting pennies. I even mentioned how interesting it would be if someone kept up with that from the beginning of their tour here...guess you had that thought!

Mom said...

Pennies always make me think of how diligent your grandpa was about saving his pennies and giving them to you girls. You had a few hundred dollars in a savings account by the time you were grown, mostly from saved and invested pennies. You know, "A penny saved...." Some country in Europe, I think Hungary, has a tiny little coin that we calculated was worth less than half a cent in US currency, and we wondered why they bothered for sure. We came home with a few Danish krones, Russian rubles, Hungarian forints, Czech whatevers, and enough Euros to seed the next trip, so if Wyatt ever needs an accompaniment for a country report, start here.