Monday, October 08, 2007

An All-Time High

I went to the commissary today and was looking for some fruit to bring home that wasn't a banana, an apple or canned. Oranges sit around our house and get funky, pineapples are tasty but we never manage to eat a whole one before it goes all weird and limes and lemons make horrible snacks (unless they're sliced and perched on the side of a cocktail, of course) so that left me with two options: grapes or blueberries.

Wyatt doesn't seem to like grapes, despite me practically peeling them for him (I'd like to give a shout-out to Lisa and the AFN commercials for freaking me out about how tiny a mom should cut up those little choking hazards) so I thought maybe we'd give blueberries another try. Last time we had them he loved them at first serving with his interest waning at each additional appearance, but it seems like they're always on those "top ten world's best foods to keep you healthy and encourage world peace" type lists, and grapes never make an appearance in those circles until they've been stomped and fermented so....blueberries.

Until I noticed the sign above them that read $5.94. For a container that is about four inches square and an inch and a half deep, if that. How about if I just pay for that in gold bouillion? Would that work for you, Mister Commissary Man?

So I'll let you know how he likes the grapes.


Steph said...

As much as it's going to suck paying $500 car payments, $2000 mortgages, $200 power bills, and $100 cell phone bills, it will be SO nice not to spend $30 on produce only to come home with lettuce, apples, grapes, and tomatoes. (And wouldn't strawberries and peaches be nice?)

susan said...

Let me know if you can get him to eat grapes. My kids both act like Loafer used to when presented with them.

Thomas will sometimes eat blueberries but he kind of has to not notice he's doing it. :-)

Bananas and canned oranges continue to be our staple fruits.

p.s. blueberries ain't cheap here, either. I think the produce growers read the same stories we do about their antioxidant properties and mark them up accordingly.

Heather & Scott said...

Have you tried the frozen blueberries? Not that I can get Katelyn to eat them, but I think they're pretty tasty (and much better priced!)

Leslie said...

Sounds like all the kids got together and agreed not to eat grapes. Michael is not a fan, either. He does love cantaloupe, but that's probably an extravagant purchase as well at Kadena. You'll be back in America soon. Does Wyatt like Coco's? Michael seems to dig spicy foods...Chili, Barbecue, even a few sips my Bloody Shame (virgin bloody mary) until Daddy fretted about heartburn in the little guy.

Leslie said...

Oh, and I'm not was just noon time and I love the taste of a bloody mary. Just in case the mention of me consuming a Bloody Shame set off bells and whistles...