Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Things We Do...

...are very boring. We're just living life, pretending the end of our Okinawa journey isn't approaching with the speed of a shinkansen :) A few highlights:

1. Wyatt has switched from "a-wa" to just "wa". And he kind of has to think about it first but he's obviously amused with how it feels to make that new sound. Lisa has him practice a lot because she likes the impish grin that comes with it.

2. The Crapina is sold! Miracle of all miracles, we thought we'd have a hard time getting rid of that one but it turns out a guy in the other squadron is in the market for another car. He emailed Jeff, who laundry-listed all the work we've done to it while we've owned it, and voila! Sold. That was so easy!

3. Fall has arrived in Okinawa. I love fall here. I actually love all seasons here, but spring is short and summer is super-humid and winter gets rainy and cool, so fall is my favorite. The air is crisper, but it's just so beautiful out. We went to the beach this morning and it was awesome. We'll be going at least once a week until we leave.

4. I've been sorting for the flea market for a while now but decided to list some of the bigger/better items on Japan Update. And now I'm sitting back, selling stuff left and right. I love found money!

5. We officially have a real estate agent in Virginia and she's started sending us listings. That alone is exciting, but the better part is that it looks like we can actually afford a decent house! We'd like to thank the US housing slump for our good fortune.

6. Wyatt loves walking backwards these days but won't spin in circles. I tried to teach him but he just shook his head no. And I just got dizzy, so we'll work on that at a later date.

7. Wyatt does, however, love to "jump". It started a couple weeks ago when the neighbor girls were jumping rope outside. He was fascinated! And they're really cute with him, so they were holding his hands, saying, "jump, jump!" and he started picking up his feet. Now when you ask him to jump he kind of stomps but just grins from ear to ear.

8. I don't think I ever shared that Jeff is IPUG complete. Translation: his weekends are his own again (for the most part) and he's actually getting to fly some rides as the instructor. It's great to see him less stressed and loving work again (in all fairness, I think he always loves it but it seems to me he really enjoys being in a teaching role...just like the good ol' days in Enid). It's a huge accomplishment and I'm really proud of him.

And some things never change...I should be pricing the rest of my flea market stuff, cleaning, moving laundry through and starting to make lists for our Great Sort, but here I am: blogging. I guess I'll go (now that I've guilted myself into it) and try to be productive before the kiddo wakes up.


The Blake Family said...

And here I sit, checking your blog when I should be sorting through the closets too. Alas...this is more fun!

Jody & Joey said...

Finally found your blog...now you won't be able to lose me! RE: IPUG complete....see, that would mean something if he were staying with the best plane ever...of course, now that you're making "the switch" he'll have to do that all over again.

Jody & Joey said...

OK...after re-reading my previous comment, I see that sarcasm doesn't come across very well on blogspot. Another reason why xanga is soooo much better :-)
Check out my blog...there's a picture of you in my most recent photo album.

Steph said...

Hey! I should be pricing the boxes of stuff I have for the flea market, too! And I also have a running list at Japan Update of the "bigger/better" things. I guess the decluttering stage of leaving is about the same for everyone. When are you doing the flea market?