Friday, November 30, 2007

Okinawa...It has Changed Me!

We bought cell phones today. Two of them. With what seems like a lot of minutes. Which is precisely what we did not think we would do. But then, well, we did.

And also? We might have seemed like the two cheapest people to ever enter a cell phone store. EVER. Them: this is a nice phone. Us: Is it free? Them: Well, this one might be a good option for you. Us: but is it free? Them: here are our plans... Us: Can we get a military discount on that? And does it get us a free phone?

And then? The nice saleslady (who had heard our "we've lived overseas for three years and haven't had cell phones that whole time and have done quite nicely without them thankyouverymuch but now feel like we must have them because America seems mighty unsafe, unfriendly and like you might lose all your friends if you don't have a cell phone" plight) mentions that her husband's cousin is stationed in Okinawa. And it turns out we know him! Freaking small world, people.

The straw the broke the camel's back? We went to McDonald's for a Coke (because, incidentally, my four-day migraine is making me certifiably crazy) and I was so mad at myself for not having a camera. Why? So that perhaps I could do a side-by-side comparison of Japanese McD's employees vs. the stereotypical American McD's employee right here on this blog. Let's just say it would be a 30/70 split for page space.


The Blake Family said...

Welcome back to America! Cell phones...I believe that we may re-enter that world in Scotland...should be interesting!

Ade said...

Yippee! Yes, we Americans depend on cell phones and am so glad I can now call you whenever I want...if you share that new number of yours! :o) Sorry about the headache! Miss you already!

Jody & Joey said...

30/70 spit - hilarious. Yes, this post does not make me miss America. Who is the cousin? Do we know him? Did she give you a free phone for knowing her husband's cousin?
Sorry about the headache. Are you sure that's not related to your team's loss? We rooted for them...sorry it didn't work out.

The Thomas Crew said...

It's a small world (and military) everywhere you go. That's a cool story, though. Did the American McD's workers stand back from the counter and bow after the food/$ transaction? Were the Happy Meal toys in open bins in the middle of the restaurant, or were they in lock-down? Or better yet, when they asked you if you wanted fries with it, did you answer, "Hai"? :)

Roger said...

30/70 for the customers as well. We made the usual mistake of stopping at McDonald's on our way back to Illinois, this time in Brookfield, MO. I was feeling pretty good with only one person in line ahead of us until they started to order. "I'll have a Quarter-Pounder with cheese...Wait...Make that two Quarter-Pounders...large fries...and a diet Coke." (Of course)