Thursday, January 03, 2008

Breaking the Seal

I'm alive, we're all alive. I've gotten a couple emails (ahem, Lisa, Kristen) suggesting perhaps I'm neglecting the blog. I don't disagree. There's a blog clog of sorts. It actually resides in my time management (mis-management?) issues. Sorry about that. And actually, I also blame it on what I'm convinced is bad feng shui in our current housing situation.

Anyhoo, I have lots to tell you about nothing and also about my awesome kid, but right now I'm kind of neglecting his morning playtime so it'll have to wait. But to those of you that blog - keep at it! I'm reading and enjoying. To those of you that don' about if you start one? That'd be great.

And lastly, to those of you who received an email titled "Vote Me" which contained a link and some horrible grammar, obviously that wasn't written by me (thank you to A. Sharon, Roger and Steph who all figured that out and wrote to let me know they didn't think my writing had slipped that much, even with all the non-blogging). It's apparently a virus, which Norton has now killed (so he tells me) and I feel like the mom who brought a kid with chicken pox to a birthday party. Sorry for the potential infection. We'll try to run a cleaner shop around here in the new year.

Better posts very soon (especially since I just found a Sharpie in Wyatt's hands).

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Susan said...

Nail polish remover will get Sharpie off of skin. I'm just saying.