Monday, January 21, 2008

Noteworthy at Nineteen Months

I've waited a mere 18.75 months but it has finally happened: Wyatt now calls me mama. Most of the time, anyway. He will pick me out of pictures "mama!", and point to me "mama!", and come up to me, pat my shoulder or touch my face and say, "mama". It's not as exciting as I thought it would be, but it is quite rewarding.

He also must be allowed to buckle any buckle around. Preferably over and over. Highchair strap, carseat strap, backpack strap, stroller strap - you name it and if it has a plastic buckle, he's all over it.

We might be attempting potty-training sooner than later. It would seem all the signs point to him being close to ready. I will appreciate any positive suggestions you have. I don't need to hear the negative ones, thankyouverymuch.

Being a true Rock, my son loves the Red Bar. Three times we've gone, three times he's been waaayyy better than we expected, including this weekend when we lingered at our table until 8:30 and he was still in good spirits.

He attempts to repeat all kinds of big words these days, which is hilarious to me. Recent entries include applesauce and ottoman, both of which were remarkably clear.

He will sit on his plasma car and wiggle the handlebars to start going. It throws him off balance a touch, so he doesn't go too far, but it's still fairly amazing to me that he gets it.

He loves to tell us no-no as he's doing naughty things. I know that's a rite of passage and that all your kids did that too, but please humor me because now it's my kid doing it (and also? this is pretty much his baby book).

He still refuses to eat meat of any form unless we completely mask it with something else. Even then he's very adept at extricating it.

He will announce every puddle, stream, bay, ocean or lake with the same enthusiastic "wa wa!" and expects you to be equally excited. Please play along.

Airplanes still hold his rapt attention, trucks and diggers are definitely on his radar more than they used to be.

He now motions for me to sit next to him on the floor, or for him to sit next to me in a chair. He's quite insistent and usually gets the request fulfilled!

He has been heard to utter "dankoo" (thank you) unprompted and at appropriate times. Perhaps we are doing something right after all!


Leslie said...

So, I googled your "plasma car," and I am quite intrigued! It looks most awesome! I've not heard of the plasma car before, but now I want one...for Michael, of course! I could just show him how to ride it a few times, right?

Very sweet of Wyatt to call you Mama and want to sit with you :)

Lisa said...

I cant believe how much he has changed in just two months!! Im bummed we are missing this all. Nathan could teach him some of his "favorite" words. Then you'd really be impressed. ;)

Anonymous said...

So big! Unfortunately, in my experience, there is nothing positive about potty training until it is a thing of the past! Good luck with that!

Jody & Joey said...

Yes...good luck with that. William still has no serious interest (he'll be 3 in a few weeks). Still takes he passy in his bed. I've been pounding it into his head, "When you turn 3, no more passy!" and He'll say, "When I'm 3, I'm a big boy. No more passy" We go through that dialogue every night time and nap time. We'll see how that goes...
and, yes...water is VERY exciting!