Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Our Weekend

We spend a lot of weekends at Jeff's parents' house. It's great to be so close to family, so we're trying to take advantage of it as much as we can, but it's really Wyatt who loves it the most. First of all, they give him gifts. This weekend, it was his early Valentine's presents which included some tools. Every toddler needs a faux cordless drill. FYI: Jeff doesn't even have a cordless drill!

Secondly, they maintain a fleet of children's toys that we don't have at our house. He loves the big wheel...

...and the freedom it allows.

And also? They have sprinklers.

It's not all fun and games, though. Learning to wash the car is very important. First you watch,

then you participate.

For those of you who are wondering, Wyatt is yea-high to a truck bumper. This lesson was brough to you by the letter "o", his favorite vowel.

This actually occurred back in our own digs, but check it out - Wyatt got his first skinned knee on Sunday. That's the official transition from baby to little boy, right? I wasn't present when it happened, but his dad reports there were no tears. That's my kid! (right knee, partially obscured by shadow. And yes, I did take a close-up picture but decided you probably didn't need to see it. You're welcome.)


The Blake Family said...

Too cute pictures!! Tell Wyatt I'm sorry about his knee...our latest is bumped lips!!

Mike and Jamie said...

Oh Wyatt....who knew you would become a man at such a young age? Rough-housing, drilling things, driving, modeling, AND most importantly, learning to respect the 4-runner! Daddy must be so proud of you!
We miss you guys so much and are glad to see you're so happy. You shouldn't really be missing Okinawa right now for 2 reasons: 1) Rain, rain, and more rain and 2)EXERCISE, EXERCISE, EXERCISE. (okay, maybe that's 6) Can we come visit? :)