Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Please Tell Me You're Watching!

Ellen is devoting her whole show to funny Japanisms today. It's like old-home week meets a killer trip to 100Y. I knew I liked Ellen's sense of humor! The irony, of course, is that Ellen isn't broadcast on AFN (unless there's been an upgrade in the new year; that's entirely possible since there's a bagel shop and YoBaby yogurt there now), so all my Oki friends are missing the amusement entirely.

Have I mentioned that I think I will always miss Okinawa?

Oh. Right. Moving on....I swear.

P.S. Wyatt is sleeping (yay!), just in case you were thinking that he shouldn't be watching Ellen...


Lisa said...

no, no Ellen here. I like her too-- When I was pregnant with Nathan I watched her everyday. ;) And yes, we have THREE different packages (6 flavors) of yobaby- the choices are almost too much. And not only is there a bagel shop (which reminds me of Moe's Bagel in Boulder!!) we now have a pancake house too!!

The Blake Family said...

A Bagel shop and YoBaby yogurt!??! Wow...they ARE moving up in the world! We miss it too.