Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Few Surprises

1. The "gift" of mildew/mold is a pain and is feeling not so gifty right about now.

2. Of the 6000 lbs. we had in storage, we're keeping the following: 16 pieces of crystal, a few formals, about 13 items for Jeff's someday man room, a bookshelf, some random yard implements, a found mirror* and that's about it. Nothing like the passage of time to make you realize you hold onto things you shouldn't. So. Much. Stuff.

3. If you are the friend or family member that gave me a *very cool starburst mirror (really is cool and I'm not describing it well), thank you! I love it and I guess I stored that away for 3 years. I really have no idea where this object came from! I don't remember purchasing it or receiving it and, quite frankly, I think I would've taken it with me. The price tag is still on it (from Pier 1, in case that trips your memory) so it was either a very generous gift or someone out there has received their shipment and is lamenting the loss of their sweet mirror.

4. Wyatt has taken to saying, "nope." I guess I say it more than I realized and I heard him repeat it a few times but all of a sudden he's using it often, and in context. For now, it's cute. Like when you say, "okay, you ready to get out of the bathtub?" and he replies with a sideways grin and, "nope." I believe this will come back to bite me.

5. The Jayhawks actually won tonight. It was an ugly, ugly win if you ask me and has tainted my excitement for the Final Four. Or maybe it's my complete chaos of a life that's tainting my excitement...

6. If there were sand in my yard (instead of weeds and mole holes), I would bury my head. I am up to here - holding hand very near eyebrows - with indecision and waiting and estimates and spending and bad furniture that doesn't fit me or my house.

7. The community garage sale is conveniently scheduled for next weekend. Guess who's got her garage full o' stuff? We're already debating how many balloons we should buy to flag people toward our sale. And we're going to run it Asia style - the closer it gets to closing time, the cheaper it will be.

8. Jeff is on the phone right now with friends that we haven't seen for 4 years. We've exchanged sporadic emails but man, it is so great to catch up with them! I can hear Goz's voice and it makes me smile. We know some seriously cool people (but if you're reading this, you're probably one of them so you already knew that).

9. I am trying another new hairdresser tomorrow. I am armed with photos (multiple) and plan to do something a little different...perhaps this is how I always end up with tress stress? I'll let you know how it goes (don't I always?) so try to contain yourself in the meantime.


Lisa said...

1) I like the numbered blog posts.

2) I hope your haircut goes well. I had my haircut yesterday and I walked out of Coco's with bangs. Not like long sideswept bangs but full on, across the forehead bangs and Im seriously regretting it. I look like Im 5 despite the fact that Im now 29.

3) Before cutting Rumiko assured me that "bangs, very in style. You look just like Asia doll with bob cut and full bangs. Very cool, very high fashion." Clearly I should have let her know that Lisa and high fashion don't usually go together, and should have clarified that what is in style in Japan is not necessarily in 'Little America'.

4) Thankfully, its only hair. :)

The Blake Family said...

The mildew issue...I am so so sorry. We have located some on the outside of our boxes and what we believe a little on our dining table but just the beginnings...that was only the Japan not to your degree. I hope your garage sale goes well.