Friday, March 07, 2008

Military Issue

My i.d. card was set to expire in two weeks, so we figured that - combined with Jeff's promotion - meant now was a good time to get a new one. Besides, with my parents in town we were able to enjoy the MPF without Wyatt in tow. And I'm just so glad that I picked today, ponytail Friday, to get my new id since my brand new picture looks as though I was issued two additional chins. Sweet. At least I can get another four years.


Susan said...

Just think, in a few weeks maybe you'll get crazy and decide to go get a Virginia DL and you can reenact the whole ponytail Friday thing one more time.

Steph said...

"Ponytail Friday." Ah, Steph. This post gave me belly laughs.

Jody & Joey said...

I had to have my last ID picture taken THREE DAYS after William was born. My nose is the size of something you'd find in a smurf playground.