Monday, March 24, 2008


Things that have been blog-worthy, but yo, I'm busy living in my own little personal corner of moving hell. I know, I know, we've all been there (and many will go again, more times than we can fathom) but it's just never easy. So here are the things I want to share in no particular order, some good, some bad and some just...stuff.

1. Wyatt is a chatterbox. We hear multiple new words every day and he loves his newfound ability. I just wonder if kids feel like saying, "finally! I have a way to get all these thoughts out of my head!" when they finally get their mouths to do what they want.

2. Wyatt is very durable and manages to show us every day. You know, average things like splitting his lip open, leaving knots on his head, stubbing his, every five minutes, scraping random appendages, that kind of stuff.

3. The boo-boo (another new word, used often) apparently hurts more today than it did yesterday, or the day before that and so on. He can actually muster tears when he sees it again! I've started telling him that yes, it's there, but it happened ages ago and he's healing. Then we move on. Or at least I do.

4. I have already put a small dent in my new wood floors. Yay me! Way to break in the new house! And thank you, God, that the (apparently) wickedly heavy bowl with the sharpish edge hit the floor instead of my sweet boy who was walking nearby when it catapulted itself out of the highest cabinet.

5. The cable outlet where we want our tv cabinet is dead and needs to be re-wired. This requires either (a) a contractor or (b) running cable along the outside of the house, which might or might not be against our neighborhood covenant. I'm of the "better to beg forgiveness" opinion, while Jeff is still undecided. Ooh, the suspense! What will we do?

6. Our eat-in kitchen is skinny and will not accomodate our dream table (center pedestal round, one leaf that makes it an oval so no one has to sit at the leg!).

7. Our eat-in kitchen now provides shelter for a lovely new (cheap) rectangular (inexpensive) table with six (bargain) chairs. I'm delighted with the fact that we all actually sat down to dinner together tonight.

8. Millie is in heaven here. She moves around the house all day seeking the sunniest spot, then lets us know when she needs to go out and chase birds or squirrels.

9. Wyatt loves his room. I love his room. It makes me happy with all its sunlight and room.

10. We have no windowcoverings. Zero, zilch, nada, nyet, none. We need to remedy this immediately since Jeff keeps forgetting as he passes the big window in our bathroom. I hope the neighbors are enjoying the show.

11. We have interesting neighbors. One is a cat-walker (weekdays at 4pm, weekends at noon) and one is the quasi-self-appointed 'mayor of the cul-de-sac' whose bad side we do not want to approach and who has already semi-abducted Jeff from our driveway.

12. The cozy coupe is Wyatt's favorite toy. He just sits in it, happy as a clam, saying, "go!" and "bye bye" and commentating whatever he sees.

13. The stairs are a challenge. Days 1-5 were great, Wyatt always asked before he attempted them and would take no for an answer. Now we're in the "I hear no but will see how far I can go without getting in big trouble" stage. It's a blast.

14. DVRs rock. A hundred some-odd channels rock. Music channels rock. Free HBO for one year rocks.

15. Even good painters cut corners.

16. Our family room is deceiving; as in, it looked bigger than it turns out to be which makes the couch-purchasing process challenging.

17. If I had questionable taste I could find a wide assortment of couches to fit my needs. Alas, my taste is impeccable and entire furniture warehouses do not offer what I seek (heavy wink on the impeccable taste thing).

18. Our last furniture purchase in Okinawa, the one that made my heart beat faster, looks PERFECT in my entry way.

19. We actually acquired enough furniture in Japan that pretty much every room has some very loved piece in it. Yay!

20. Our attic is huge beyond our wildest dreams with some killer shelves. It's like having an upstairs basement; seriously good stuff.

21. Our garage sale is going to be massive.

22. Our dining room table took some hits in the move (nail gouges in the top - oops!) as did a carton of my clothes (mold). But everything else seems to be in great shape. Thank you Japanese part-ant movers!

23. We received a goody box from Lisa today chock full of Japanese treats and it brought a big smile to my face. Thanks, Lisa! And the picture of Wyatt with crazy hair, courtesy of Nathan, was extremely accurate.

24. I need to stop purchasing linens! Or maybe I could sell a bunch of what we own and buy new because I love linens!

25. Ditto kitchen goods. We need either an island or some additional cabinets somewhere because I'm out of space and still have a few homeless items. And I still want a set of white dishes.

26. Jody, RYC, the Jayhawk chant is Rock Chalk Jayhawk, KU! Say it loud, say it proud. Sorry about your Aggie loss.

27. Shannon, I have not checked your blog yet but my mom tells me you'll be her neighbor(ish) soon! Congrats and I can't wait to see you in the Sunflower State, though you'll have to vehemently defend your Carolinian so-called barbecue in the land of Kansas City style!

28. I have to go to bed now, for it is late and I am tired. And the delight I feel in finally sleeping on my own fabulous mattress is indescribable.


Rife Wife said...

Don't hire a contractor yet for your cable...we have a solution and it will meet the neighborhood covenant.
I saw in the newsletter of KC that there is quite a show on your street...thanks, Jeff! ;)

Steph said...

Yay! I've been waiting to see how the move went. Glad you're finally in and (somewhat) settled. I'm also really glad to hear someone else bought an entire "equivalent of a real house" full of furniture in Japan as I did. All of that cramped Okinawan living is finally going to pay off. If I ever get into my house, of course. It seems like it's taking forever and I'm getting extremely antsy! (Speaking of ants, kind of, I LOVE your reference of the movers as "ant-like". LMAO SO TRUE!!!!)

Can't wait to see pics of your newly-furnished abode, "cheap" table and all! :)

Susan said...

Glad you're home!

Lisa said...

We're glad to have you back. Im sure its nice to finally be 'home'! I am loving the Wyatt tidbits--and remember how worried you were that he wasn't talking.....pretty soon it will be getting him to quiet down that you will be wishing for. ;)

The Thomas Crew said...

You're trying to tell me there's really other kinds of barbecue? The next thing you're going to say is that some people use beef. I mean REALLY.

The Thomas Crew said...

Oh, and if they don't say, "Hey, are y'all ready to eat?" before they serve it---it ain't barbecue. :)

We are SO excited about the assignment. We can't wait to get to know the place and Bryan's job actually sounds like it's going to be fun for him. Yep, I said fun!