Thursday, April 24, 2008

22 Months

Another word picture, plus some real pictures. First and foremost, my son amuses, amazes and entertains me every day! I love my sweet baby boy.

1. Favorite foods: shockingly many, though ro ro chee (macaroni and cheese), rih chee (grilled cheese), nana (banana), coo-kee (cookies) and anima cah-kos (animal crackers) are the most requested. We now feed him whatever we're eating for dinner and most nights this goes pretty well. A couple nights ago we had slightly spicy chicken paprika and he loved it...until his mouth got too hot and then he had to mow down some bread and butter sandwiches to cool himself. He picked all the carrots out of his soup first last night (to eat), likes peas, green beans (gee bee), is doing better at drinking his milk and likes oatmeal (omeelt), waffles (waffo) or eggs (eeeg) for breakfast.

2. Favorite books: no book is a bad book to Wyatt, though Hop on Pop (oponop), Go Dog Go (go gah go), any Elmo title, anything with animals and the Airplane Alphabet are all on frequent rotation. He demands book! book! many times every day and I find myself feeling horrible when we can't accomodate the request. He loves to read and it would be so much easier to tell him no if he were requesting television. His new thing is to point us (the adults) into the rocking chair in his room and then point to his little green chair in the opposite corner and say, "Wy wy!" meaning "you sit here, I'll sit there, and you'll read me the books I tell you to. Thanks."

3. Favorite activities: dancing, hands down. Besides book, this is the most requested thing every. single. day. of. my. life. It sounds something like this: dass! dass! beeeeeez! dass! dass! And when he says it, he means it! Like, get a move on, momma, because this short fuse is going to blow if I don't hear some Ralph or Raffi or Dog Train or Philadelphia Chickens or Veggie Tales RIGHT NOW. Again, I am also glad he enjoys music and getting down with his bad self, but LORDY, sometimes a mommy just loves peace and quiet. The runner-up favorite activity is collecting acorns out of our front yard. A-ko! comes the cry every time we enter or leave the premises and no day is complete without gathering a handful, presenting them to mommy and then crying when not allowed to take them all inside.

4. Favorite toys: anything. He still spends a lot of time in his cozy coupe, likes his cars (that's "go's" in Wyatt-speak), enjoys his two little plastic rackets (rap raps) from 100Yen, randomly chooses a stuffed animal to love a little extra for a day or two so that it gets to go all over the house with him and sometimes even in the car, the ANA magnets that Lisa sent, all his leapfrog letters (he likes to present these one at a time to guests, announcing each letter as he plucks it from the refrigerator then again as he lovingly hands it over), the wicker balls that are actually decoration but sit on the coffee table making them fair game. Last weekend we picked up two rocks at a greenhouse and he has carted those around in his sweaty little fists all week, so he's very equal opportunity when it comes to the class of toy he chooses. And at first I thought it was kind of amusing that he was clutching his rocks with such fervor, but then I remembered my own little rock collection when I was a young thing, so I can't really say anything, now can I?

5. Words: honestly, too many to list. Wyatt will attempt any word you give him. He is very clear and extremely communicative and incredibly opinionated (no idea where he got that trait. Ahem.), not to mention that he apparently doesn't forget much. Example 1: we drove by the NASA facilities on the way to the commissary the other day and I was just narrating as always, "blah, blah, blah, see the bus? blah, blah, blah, trees, blah, blah, wind tunnels where astronauts work, blah, blah, blah" And as we headed home an hour and a half later, he starts bellowing from the back seat, "ah ah noss! ah ah noss!" and I couldn't figure out what the heck we were talking about since his plastic astronauts were in my bag...until I looked around and saw the wind tunnels where I told him astronauts work. Mind you, I really have no idea if astronauts work there and would actually guess they don't, so I'm hoping I never get called out on this. It was at that moment I realized I need to be as factual as possible all the darn time because he's really listening to me. Gives you chills, doesn't it? Example 2: I just got around to framing a lot of pictures, including the family pic of all the Rocks at Christmas. I happened to put it at Wyatt's level and about hit the floor when he walked over to it, pointed and said, "Matt" clear as day. Then did it again when I asked him to (because honestly, I thought it was a fluke). He also identified "ee-mee" (Aimee) right off the bat. I was kind of freaked out (you can ask Rife Wife, she was here) because as much as I'd like to tell you that we review pictures of family so he'll know who they are, that would be a lie. As in, we haven't looked at them since Christmas. He wasn't even talking (really) at Christmas. Scary! So of course now we review pics of both sides of the family almost daily and he's doing really well. He gets a little confused on the cousins, loves saying Uh-Mok for Uncle Mark, still says EE-Mee instead of Aimee, and is continually perplexed by my sister not being mama, but all in all he's remembering quite nicely. My little elephant-minded son. Oh, and just so I don't ever forget it (being that this is his baby book and all), he calls Millie "lalalal" and I love, love, LOVE hearing him call for her then watching them chase each other through the house.

6. Randoms: Wyatt finds the following phrases worthy of a belly laugh: "owchie, owchie!" and "8 hippos sneak in the back" (from a book, FYI). He flaps his 'wings' every time he sees a bird, says "a-ko" every time we see a squirrel, is figuring out to say please (beeeeze or peeeze) when he asks for things (especially "up peeeeze"), gets his own beeb (bib) out of the drawer before meals, reminds us to get him a placemat (mat mat), goes to bed around 8 every night, gets up at 7 and can be counted on for a 2-3 hour nap every day (4 hours on special bonus days that are granted rarely but always received gratefully), kicks and flails during every diaper change, loves to run naked before his bath, enjoys having his teeth brushed and his hair dried, is a brush thief so we never know where to find ours if we've left them too close to the edge of the counter. He still sleeps with nana but now understands we have more than one, so often requests, "doo" (two) if you only hand him one. He loves to count on fingers but can't quite figure out how to do it so he holds up the index finger of each hand to make two. He loves to be sung to, often cheers for me when I'm finished and then asks for "mo beeze". He is alternately patient, stubborn, willful and compliant but is always loving and makes me feel like one lucky mama every day.


The Blake Family said...

Thanks for the update, Stephanie. I so enjoyed reading of all of the wonderful things Wyatt is doing. He is growing up so fast...cannot believe he will be two in a couple of short months. WOW...seems like just yesterday, we were having your baby shower! Have fun with your little man!

Anonymous said...

Sweet baby (or should I say big boy)! So much fun! It goes all to fast, especially the second time around! Enjoy! Love you all!

Laurie said...

I love hearing all about Wyatt and the new things he's doing. He really is such a sweet and wonderful little boy. Give him big hugs from LaLa.
I miss y'all so much!

The Thomas Crew said...

That's awesome, Steph. Those pictures are priceless!

Jody & Joey said...

I'll be honest... I don't have time to read this incredibly long (and I'm sure entertaining) post right now but I did want to say that I'm happy to see Wyatt is still sporting the "Eagle" wear.