Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ahh, Yes

Well, there are many ways to take the previous postless post. Let's just leave it as is, shall we? As in, maybe that was even better than the post I had come up with before who-knows-what happened. Maybe it was the internet/wiring issues in my house, maybe it had something to do with Wyatt getting up to his elbows in fruit cocktail at dinner. I just can't be sure, but I thought I actually posted something of substance.

It also goes to show that I'm really on my A-game here and am running a fairly tight ship these days. That's how things like this happen.

No children were harmed or coerced in the making of this video.

This gives new meaning to the idea that every piece of furniture needs to have at least three functions before it should be purchased, don't you think?


The Blake Family said...

Somehow, I figured out that Wyatt was going to come out of that piece of furniture but I still laughed a big belly laugh when I saw it! He looks so grown up!!

P.S. Thanks for the mold tips. We are in the process of trying to get it off...whoa is me!!

Heather & Scott said...

Kristin, you are much quicker then me! I thought I was going to get a tour of the mold in the house...not that that's exciting, but I don't know what I was expecting! Wyatt was TOO CUTE playing ini there. Did he say "Cheese" when he got out b/c he knew you were taking his picture? Love it!

Susan said...

I've watched it three times and I made my colleague watch it too! I love it! I want to see him in person.

Rife Wife said...

That's too funny!

Anonymous said...

The visual is much better than hearing it over the phone! Too cute!

Jody & Joey said...

Oh - so THAT's what those cabinets are for!