Monday, May 05, 2008

The Good Ol' Days

Remember when I used to blog every day? Sometimes even twice in one day? What happened?! I think there are a few options at play here: (1) My life used to be more interesting (2) It was easier to be selfish with my time when Wyatt took two naps (3) it was easier to be selfish with my time when Wyatt couldn't verbalize what he wanted and, therefore, I didn't feel guilty about spending quality time with my laptop (4) it was easier to be selfish with my time when I had half as much house to clean and no bills to pay and nowhere to shop (5) I used to be better at managing my time (6) I used to know when to say no to dead-end projects like kitchen improvements and new furniture quests.

I'm not really sure which of those options is holding the most power over my life right now, but somehow they come together to suck all creativity and blogginess out of my being. And also, I think (once upon a time, for like two posts) I used to be a little bit funny. I am none of those things anymore. It's a wee bit depressing; I'm not going to lie.

So here's a non-creative, unfunny version of our weekend:

1. Left Friday at 4:00 for North Carolina -- Furniture Quest '08 -- after choosing to not have Wyatt nap (following the "he'll fall asleep in the car" theory) all afternoon.
2. Was amazed by the fact that Wyatt slept for about 40 minutes of a 4.5 hour drive, but we didn't even break out the DVD player. It's all about books and music for that kid! Note to selfL:
3. Ate my weight in omelet and pancake at the Embassy Suites breakfast. Gotta get my money's worth, you know?
4. Spent 8 hours in furniture stores, less 30 minutes for a quality McDonald's lunch. Was amazed that Wyatt fell asleep in the car for 5 minutes yet transferred well to his stroller where he slept for another whopping 30 minutes. At least we had that half hour of peace and focus for Furniture Quest '08. Surely we could find the perfect couch and pick out fabric in that time, right?
5. Heard them lock the doors behind us as we left the store after having found neither the right couch nor the right fabric.
6. Headed home Saturday evening feeling utterly defeated. Broke out the DVD player for our son-turned-three-headed-sleep-deprived-monster. Listened to two episodes of Elmo's world, three episodes of Bob the Builder, five run throughs of Ralph's World DVD and then to pitiful wailing when we turned off the DVD player in hopes he might actually close his eyes and end the catatonic stare.
7. Was amazed when two hours later he was still awake.
8. Felt awful when he gave in to sleep only 30 minutes from home.
9. Was astounded when changing him into his pajamas and found large chunks of ham and cheese sandwich plastered to his body. Felt awful putting my little hammy boy to bed without a bath.
10. Unpleasantly resigned to the fact that his extra early wake-up on Sunday morning was all our fault so dragged myself out of bed with a happy face. Spent the rest of the day recovering.
11. At 11:00 last night, discovered there's a store about 30 minutes away with as much selection and almost equivalent prices for Furniture Quest '08. Sheepishly took myself to bed.

See? My life, it's FASCINATING. Hope your weekend was good.

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