Monday, May 26, 2008

The other post

I've been furiously writing away about what the heck's going on over here and why I've been slack about posting when I realized all I need to say is this:

My non-computerized, very willful, very verbal, very everything child is challenging me to the utmost of my being. I feel beaten down by a not-yet-two-year old and am attempting to remain sane. That effort is sucking all energy from my soul and there is simply nothing left for the blog. When I have gotten this mildly under control, I'll try to be more prolific. Just trust me when I tell you that every fiber of my being is needed for the challenge at hand.

Don't worry, I'm still taking pictures every once in awhile because although he's a crazy barrel of psycho monkeys right now, he's still quite charming in his own way. I'll try to post them soon.


The Blake Family said...

Hmmm...children must get together in space and discuss all this prior to their next step of childhood because some days I feel like you may feel. So, seeing as Wyatt is slightly older than's my question for you, when does the "no no no" phase stop??? I've decided that I do not like it much and am ready for the next phase (well, maybe ready for the next phase).

Jody & Joey said...

Just remember... it is a GAME and you must ALWAYS WIN.