Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Scratch That

I realized that I have nothing to worry about with the neighbors; I mean, I'm not the one walking my cats every day at 4:00 (showings at 8 am and noon on the weekends, folks.) I kid you not, the 17-year old behind us has to/gets to/wants to walk his cats every day. You could almost set your watch by it. One cat gets a leash, one has free reign, but both get carried one way and then run the other. Repeat twice and back into the house. It's crazy, I tell you. I managed to catch a little video of it the other day (please ignore Jeff's chatter - it's as if he thinks life should just proceed as scheduled when I'm doing all this sneaky, super-important blogger documentation):

Wyatt loves cat-run time and it often coincides with his afternoon snack. He likes to commentate the run with a few screechy meows that always makes me laugh. I have to watch how I respond now that we have the windows open - our yards just aren't that big and I'm sure this kid can hear Wyatt howling as he runs by.

Also, our neighbors are about to love us because we're having REAL LIVE SOD put in our front yard tomorrow morning. We found a connection to turf on the cheap and are, therefore, getting to forego the agony of tearing out and reseeding our weed pit come fall. I love me some instant gratification - and this was instanty instant! we had our friend look at it yesterday morning, his guys came by yesterday afternoon and the great tilling starts at 8:30 am tomorrow - yessireebob. I'll have to take a few before and after pics because I can only imagine that the results will be astounding. I mean, we're going from about 15 blades of grass to 15 gajillion in one day!

The kitchen remains a different story (thank you very much to my loyal and faithful friends who commented and/or emailed and/or called; a lot of lurkers out there missed an opportunity to tell me what to do!) despite our evening with the Home Depot kitchen lady last night. Maybe we'll just keep doing other projects first so that the kitchen funds get used somewhere else. That's one way to settle it, right?

Lastly, and totally off topic, Wyatt has a few new tricks:

1. He calls himself Wy-wyt instead of Wy-wy.

2. He says, "own!" over and over and over. It means, "I want to do this on my own and do not need your assistance mom-lady!" Another phrase with the same meaning is, "wy-wyt!, wy-wyt!"

3. He's started hiding (hmmmm, wonder where he learned that, Jeff!), usually at incredibly inopportune times, like when I ask him to put on his shoes as we're about to leave the house. Today I found him between a tall cabinet and a window and under the console table in the living room. Sneaky!

4. He can spy playgrounds from seven miles away and starts calling out, "bark! bark!" because the 'p' sound is, apparently, somewhat challenging for him. I have to tell him approximately eighty two times every day that we're not going to the park.

5. He randomly calls for "IYAAAAAX!" in his loudest voice when he wants someone to play with. He's now done this at the park multiple times, in furniture stores, at Michael's, in Home Depot and every time we leave our subdivision (handy how Isaac lives right across the street).

6. He recognizes Lowe's by sight (even one in North Carolina last weekend) and asks to go there a few times a day. We told the Home Depot lady last night in hopes she'd try to earn his allegiance, but no luck.

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