Thursday, June 12, 2008


1. Down with arachnids. We are overrun with spiders and their nasty webs all over the outside of our house. My devoted readers (read: family) might recall that I don't care for spiders but am trying not to pass along said fear to my kid. It's been a challenge. The fight is over, though, and I win because I used my non-arachnid opposable thumbs to dial United Pest Control and the nice man arrived less than 24 hours later with a high pressure hose connected to a 50 gallon drum of chemicals. Organic? I doubt it. Spiders dead in their webs all over my house? Hallelujah, sister, you betcha. Next appointment? 9 September because we'll be addressing this little issue quarterly.

2. "Moon comin'" gets old after a while, especially when it's the only sentence in the stable. But it's amazing how often it can be used!

3. I asked Wyatt if he wanted a haircut and he told me, "two". So he got sheared again because it turns out I like it shorter, too. However, this time I mentioned the crazy cowlick so it actually lays down a little. See? I'm learning!

4. Wyatt disappeared with three hairbrushes and a comb two days ago. I finally recovered two brushes last night (found in our closet, behind a rack of shoes) and one more this morning (in the pantry, next to the cooking spray of course) but the comb is MIA. If you visit and you find it, I think you'll win a prize.

5. We had a babysitter on Tuesday night. I guess she's pretty much perfect because (1) Wyatt sent me off with zero fanfare, almost like he was kicking me out, (2) he asked for her upon waking yesterday and was not too pleased when I told her she'd gone home, (3) she drives.


david santos said...
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Anonymous said...

I think all of these deserve a Yippie! Especially the spider and baby sitter points!

Leslie said...

Hola! I just caught up on your last few posts, and they were all quite entertaining :) Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I learn so much from checking out you blog, both about you guys, and blog add-ons. Thank you.

The Blake Family said...

Ooo...we have a huge spider problem too! Glad you conquered your's!

Mom said...

1. You're worried about arachnids OUTSIDE your house? Give 'em a break.
2. "Moon comin" sounds like the beginning of a great country song. I'm waiting to see what the next lyric will be.
3 and 4. I hope he doesn't add scissors to the mix to use with the brush to create his own cowlick control.
5. Hmmm, the pressure is on to compare favorably with the popular babysitter.

Laurie said...

Good luck finding that comb! :-)
And "Yay" for finding an awesome babysitter. That's great!

Jody & Joey said...

I didn't mind the spiders until I learned that the BIG HUGE BROWN ONES (here) are Banana spiders and are super poisonous... you should google them - I don't have time to insert the links. Glad your problem is under control...

Steph said...

Bugs: HOORAY for getting rid of the spiders no matter the method. Doesn't it feel triumphant?

Phrases: Here it was "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." Every. Single. Day. All the time. I'd try to suggest new fun songs and I'd get "How 'bout 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'?" I wanted to bury my head in a hole.

Brushes: Landon has a thing for toothbrushes. Every toothbrush in this house has been subjected to the gnawing and slobber of Landon's mouth. It's quite entertaining the expressions everyone gets when they discover he has their toothbrush.

Haircuts: Ty wants his hair to grow like Shea's. That's fine and all but right now he looks less like the shaggy-haired surfer dude and more like the kid from the trailer park.

Babysitters: Still haven't found one. And I so need one. I envy you.

All in all, this sounds like a very successful post! Congrats on all of the aforementioned feats! :)