Sunday, August 31, 2008

Miracles Never Cease

Wyatt awakened from his nap a while ago and when I went to get him, he didn't want me. Gasp! He has been all about me, all day, every day for a while now. There are days he asks for Daddy all day and then won't go to Jeff when he gets home. Needless to say, it's a little wearing.

But today, he asked for Daddy. When I tried to pick him up, he wouldn't stand up and just repeated his request. So I went outside and told Jeff that he was being requested. Jeff had just started washing my car, so he suggested putting Wyatt in swim trunks and sending him out. Wyatt agreed to the plan and while I was changing him, I asked him if he had any dreams during his nap. I ask him that every day, twice a day. 99% of the time he tells me he had dreams of Isaac and that they were playing. Today he told me he dreamt of Daddy. I love it!

So I delivered Wyatt outside, he promptly grabbed a sponge from a bucket and started 'helping' wash the car. I've seen the two of them come around the side of the house a couple of times in the past hour or so, but I'm currently not needed. This is a little bit of bliss, I tell ya! I'm surfing for new recipes, watching the Thomas Crown Affair (an all-time fav, I have to say) and enjoying the quiet. Woo hoo! Now this is what I call a relaxing long weekend. Hope you're enjoying yours!

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aderost said...

OK, so 3 1/2 was a little off...I'm glad I was wrong!