Monday, September 08, 2008

Now I Get It.

You know how on those HGTV shows, most of them make the homeowner leave during the whole remodel/redecorate/renovate phase? It's not just for the big surprise look on their face. It's also so the homeowner doesn't go, "Aaaaah! What did I do? Let's change a few things."

Yeah, I shouldn't have been so freewheeling in my big, empty kitchen all weekend. Bob (the builder, as Wyatt likes to call him) is down there installing my new massive cabinets and I should've changed a couple of things. This is kind of an icky feeling. Especially since one of the changes was suggested by the kitchen lady and I was so fixated on more storage, more storage, more storage that I didn't listen. I keep telling myself, "It's done and it will not make or break the rental or sale of this house." And then I sneak another peek and feel all, "aaaaah! What have I done?" again. Bummer.

The upside? There is DEFINITELY room down there for another set of dishes. That'd be the white ones I've been wanting for about five years now. So I'm officially accepting Crate & Barrel gift cards to soothe my pains.

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The Blake Family said...

Stephanie, I'm so sorry. I was hoping they would be the cabinets of your dreams. Maybe, after they are completely installed you'll grow to love them. Wish I could see all your renovations! They sound great!