Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Other One

Hey, guess what? I'm more than halfway through this pregnancy. I'm not sure where the time is going but I think it has something to do with chasing a toddler and trying to keep my stuff together (fyi, that last bit of keeping it together isn't going as well as a girl could hope. I just keep reminding myself it will get much more challenging before it actually gets better.)

So I had my big ultrasound on Wednesday and we're having a girl. Or a boy. We're still not finding out and I love how that elicits such strong opinions in people, from family to strangers. You public are very strong-minded as to whether finding out is perfect or evil! Anyway, the ultrasound tech was great - she gave me plenty of advance warning when I needed to avert my eyes and we left with not a clue to this baby's gender. Yay! We also left with a few photos for the "album".

We talk about the baby with Wyatt and he likes to assert his opinion on whether it's a sister or brother and every once in a while suggests that perhaps it will go away, so I decided to share one of the pictures with him. In addition to a thumb-sucking profile, we got a great full-face shot.

As I pointed out the baby's features to Wyatt (here's it's head, here are baby's eyes, nose...), he looked at me and said, "looks like Millie!" And so I laughed because how can a baby look like Millie? But then I looked over at our sweet girl sleeping in her bed and realized he might be right, what with all the black and white markings. Oh well, at least this one looks like one of its siblings!

P.S. We are officially accepting nominations for names as it has occurred to us that we'll have to name this one, too. So please PLEASE share your ideas by clicking on comments below. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I can already tell he/she is handsome/beautiful in every way! Way to go for not finding out!

PS...I would maybe choose not to tell this child that he/she looks like offense to Millie of course!

We can discuss names in person! 3 more weeks! :o)

Leslie said...

Halfway already? Time flies!

By the way, I loved the Halloween pictures and the Wyatt tales in your earlier post. Funny guy :)

The Blake Family said...

Oh dear, "looks like Millie"...I love that!! Made me laugh. No name suggestions...hey, you know, your book came in handy for any of those suit your fancy?? (Uh, that was not intended as a sarcastic comment...I just realized it might be construed that way.)

Steph said...

You turkey! I thought you were having a girl!

Can't believe the halfway mark is here already. It does go much faster having another little one to chase - er, spend quality time with. :)