Sunday, December 21, 2008

'Tis the Season

My last couple of weeks in list form, because that seems to be the only way I can get things done:

1. My son is obsessed with engines. It started with jets and has now moved to cars.

2. Any Santa is a good Santa, even the one who comes to an airplane hangar for free. You know why? He gives out books and candy canes.

3. Maybe Santa in a hangar is cooler because there are also jets there, which each have two engines.

4. Jet fuel looks like water when it's spilled on a tile floor. Or so I'm told by my spouse who had no idea that's what our son slipped on. And you'd think he'd know if anyone in our family would, right?

5. How to get jet fuel out of clothing and is a weird thing to Google.

6. You cannot fully remove JP-8 from any article of clothing, though 19 washes, loads of Febreze, extra detergent, letting clothing sit outside for two days (including one night in the rain), Dawn direct dish foam and goo gone can all come together to make things more tolerable.

7. Transitions to big boy beds are not as overwhelming for the two-year old as the mommy anticipated. It could be said he hasn't missed the crib at all.

8. Two-year olds like being called a big boy unless they sense it means they'll have to do something they don't like. And then, "Mommy, I not a big boy" will be uttered.

9. Two-year olds do not care if your gingerbread parts are too flimsy to make a house; they would still like to eat them.

10. Just because I feel like a big pregnant girl doesn't mean my doctor thinks I am. In fact, she might just accuse me of being small and do an ultrasound to measure the baby, who, in fact, turns out to be perfectly average.

11. Wyatt sometimes tells me he has a baby in his tummy, too.

12. When your child hugs your pregnant self and says, "I can't wait to meet you, baby!" it's pretty endearing.

13. I hope I never have to stop picking out cute outfits for my kid because the Christmas jammies he's breaking in tonight make me awfully happy. Dogs all over them! Dressed as reindeer! And one looks like Millie!

14. Our Christmas cards are going to be late. Perhaps I should decide now to not send any next year. Or maybe I should book a photographer now for next October. Suggestions?

15. The neighbors hijacked my husband for rum with a splash of eggnog and good ol' boy conversation in their garage. I'm totally jealous (of the rum) and love our little cul-de-sac.

16. It is not good for the self-esteem to have to quick! find a dress! for a holiday party when in the midst of a pregnancy. It also leads to overbuying and multiple returns during the worst season for shopping.

17. Fashion crisis was uttered in this house approximately 39 times in two days.

18. The party was fun and I couldn't tell you what most people were wearing. When will I learn?

19. Wyatt loves chasing or being chased. If you come over, you should offer to chase him through the house because it will make his day.

20. Wyatt's hierarchy of cool: the park trumps playing in our own yard, Trader Joe's trumps the park, going to a fini flight trumps Trader Joe's and doing anything with Daddy trumps a fini flight.

21. It amazes me how some people can pick a baby name when they're 6 weeks pregnant and stick by it while I will undoubtedly mull over all my options during labor, just hoping that this one comes out with a "Hello! My name is ----" sticker on it's chest. You know, like it's been at a conference.

22. When a two-year old tells his Daddy (while standing in a cockpit for a photo) that he "wants to fly this jet", the Daddy beams with pride in a way I've never seen.

23. I'm dreading Jeff's departure, but not nearly as much for myself as I am for Wyatt. How do you tell a Daddy-loving two-year old that he can't see the guy who hung the moon for a couple of months?

24. I'm convinced that the days will be long but the weeks will fly by. Someone tell me this is true, even if you're lying.

25. Spending four - or was it five? - hours of my day on tech support with HP regarding our printer that refuses to cooperate was not how I envisioned spending my day. Here's a thought: if two HP computers can't talk to an HP printer and the HP tech can't figure it out, maybe it's your problem, HP! How about you send me a new set up and I don't come after you for pain and suffering? Or maybe Santa will drop a Mac down the chimney this week.

26. I thought Wyatt grasped the secular idea of Christmas (you know, the ask for everything you could possibly want part) until he insisted that all he wants from Santa is a red ball, a blue ball, a yellow ball and some candy. When pressed for details, he specifically wants M&M's. Wow, kid, way to dream big.

27. Thankfully Wyatt is also grasping the real reason behind Christmas, pretty much. When asked what Christmas is, he says it's baby Jesus' birthday. And then quickly reminds us that his is in June. Mark your calendars accordingly.


Anonymous said... are crossing over to the dark side and are thinking of a Mac? PC would be so proud. Little Mac would be even prouder.

Its definitely not easy having your husband gone while pregnant but you have the entire USA at your fingertips....that definitely beats an itty bitty island and only the BX to roam.

In the event Santa does bring you a Mac, you can ichat with The Captain while he is here. :)

Anonymous said...

SKYPE, SKYPE, SKYPE!!! That's how I keep the girls from going crazy without their guy who hung the moon. You can have multiple accounts on the same e-mail address and it's free video calling to other Skype customers.

The Thomas Crew said...

Watch out, Steph. Once you go Mac, you don't go back.

Merry Christmas to y'all! Oh, and by the way, you won't be getting a card from us until after the first of the year, either, this time. I don't even have pregnancy to blame for that. :)

Steph said...

Cute post. Loved all the references to Daddy hanging the moon - that's our house to a tee. It's amazing how I can be envious of that adoration but at the same time, incredibly touched by it.

Hubby TDY during pregnancy? ALOT easier than you'd think with a kid in the house. I was pregnant in Oki the whole time Jeff was at Weapon's School and amazingly it flew by! Sure it got stressful at times but doesn't it tend to get stressful anytime? At least when you don't anticipate him coming home you can get into a routine and stick to it (and having the little one in the house tends to keep a mom ridiculously occupied. He'll be home before you know it.)

Hope this helps. You'll do great. :)

The Blake Family said...

I love your "list form"'re so creative! Hope you had a very Merry Christmas. Funny...Jackson asked for "chocolate" from Santa. These little boys and their candy...I love it!!

Leslie said...

I love the lists...I can imagine Wyatt entertaining you all daily!