Monday, March 02, 2009

Gestating, Recuperating and Playing

Each member of this family is doing one of the above things and I'm guessing you can properly assign us each to our task. Currently baby Rock is cozy and staying put, though my doctor said, "good luck on that 40 week plan" which has left us flummoxed. You see, Wyatt made no move for the exit until he was requested to do so, after my due date. So the fact that this child is, perhaps, wanting to make an early arrival is downright confusing. Obviously the jury's still out on this and we could be waiting around for its arrival 10 days from now, but I'm taking it pretty easy in order to not instigate anything. I mean, I have a haircut scheduled for Friday and would really like to keep it.

Jeff is fighting to get over a cold that I'm pretty sure we gave him (or maybe completely sure, since we both still have it, too). Combined with the jetlag, it pretty much knocked him out for a couple days. He seems to be on the mend and has returned to work this week (a whole week with him home was a treat!). Wyatt was hesitant to allow Jeff to go back to work today but we promised that Daddy will be home for dinner every night, so that finally persuaded him that it was okay.

And Wyatt has been a busy boy lately. Or maybe he's just always this busy and it's more noticeable when one parent is attempting to do a lot of nothing while the other is sick. Oh, and the weather has been kind of cruddy with days of rainy, cold weather, keeping us cooped up even more. However, Mother Nature totally redeemed herself by providing us with about two inches of snow overnight. My island-born boy doesn't quite know what to do in all the white stuff, but we gave it a gallant effort this morning since this is a rare treat in these parts.


The Blake Family said...

I have to say, that Wyatt looks like he's having fun in that snow! I do hope that that baby holds on, but if not, that means she/he is ready to join the family!! We'll pray that everything goes smoothly. Tell Jeff to get better soon. We miss all of you!

Anonymous said...

Yes, tell Candy to stay put until Jeff is over his cold so the family cold is not passed to the new family member like some kind of initiation rite. :)

And you know from now on we expect daily updates on the blog, one liners if you will, letting us know: status quo OR game on.

Leslie said...

Only 10 more days? (Or less?) How exciting!
The snow looks awesome!!! What fun :)

P.S. Michael pooped in the tub again...