Monday, June 01, 2009

So I Don't Forget

Conversation with Wyatt:

W: gibberish

Me: What?

W: gibberish

Me: What are you saying? I can't understand you.

W: It's from Kai-Lan (the show is entitled "Ni Hau Kai Lan" or some such thing on Noggin. You know, preschool on tv that's teaching our kids Mandarin)

Me: I don't know Kai-Lan. What can you tell me about Kai-Lan?

W: She's Kai-Lan.

Me: Well where is she from?

W: Messigo.

Me: What?

W: Kai Lan is from Messigo!

Me: Mexico?

W: Yes.

Obviously you get what you pay for with that free, self-proclaimed "preschool on tv". Let's hope the school we're paying for in the fall will teach him something more useful.

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The Thomas Crew said...

That's hilarious!