Sunday, July 12, 2009


We've been enjoying unseasonably cool weather and lots of outside time the last couple of weeks. While I don't have pictures from our neighborhood's annual post-4th of July shindig held last night (complete with contraband fireworks and a visit from the local police), I do have a few others. I'm wishing it could be summer all year!

Fourth of July finery. Wyatt loves getting to "hold" Natalie.

Wyatt enjoying his first ice cream sandwich, courtesy of the ice cream truck that drove through our neighborhood. Immediately after he finished it, he asked if he could have a cool pop from our neighbor.

How I found W today during his nap - sacked out under his train table. I wonder how this came to pass or if it explains the loud thud I heard from downstairs. When I moved him, he had a lovely carpet pattern imprinted in his little cheek.


The Blake Family said...

Love the pictures...the expression on Wyatt's face as he is eating the ice cream sandwich is priceless!!

Adrienne said...

Precious! That ice cream sandwich looks delicious! I'm now on a mission!