Friday, July 17, 2009

Things that Have Rocked My World

1. Natalie, apparently, reads this blog and does not want to be pigeonholed into the "good baby, good sleeper" category. How do I know? Well, the last two nights have been miserable. Like newborn miserable but at least with a newborn you expect it. Not really anticipating the two-hour wakeful stint with my four-month old. So if you're reading this, sweetheart, I get it. You are unique, quirky, and will not settle for being predictable. I'm so sorry I suggested otherwise. P.S., how's that teething tablet and tylenol cocktail working for you?

2. I might have to start shopping at Wal-Mart again in the future. Horror! There was an article in today's paper about how they're pushing their vendors to participate in a quantifiable green-labeling program, something akin to nutrition labels so that we (consumers) could tell in a glance whether that product's "green" claims are true. They want it in place by 2011. Since they're the world's biggest retailer (you have to combine the #2 - #7 retailers share to add up to Wal-Mart's piece of the pie), they actually have the power to make this happen. The article makes this point by mentioning concentrated laundry detergent. Apparently that exists because Wal-Mart pushed the manufacturers to make their packaging smaller and, therefore, decrease the amount of shelf space required. Who knew? Anyway, I find the idea of the green labeling awesome. I find Wal-Mart miserable. This, I imagine, will cause some sort of dissonance in my being in the next couple of years. Maybe the military will help me out and send me somewhere without a Target so I won't have a choice anymore. Check back then to hear me gripe about no Target.

3. Speaking of Target, I can't remember the last time I was there. I know! What is up with that? I'm going to have to think of something we need so I can visit again. I mean, I'd hate for Wyatt to stop pointing out every set of concentric circles and asking if that means the item came from Target.

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the williams said...

I'm with you Steph... I loathe Walmart so much that I will sacrifice the money I could save to stay away- far away. I like the green label thing though- and we are expected to get a brand new super-wal close to the house- maybe i will learn to like it then (once the grand-opening circus leaves of course).
I too love Target- since moving back I have definately made up for the years of not having one in Japan. and i am now sometimes embarassed to show my face for the 2nd time that week- paranoid that the securtiy video watchers place bets on whether or not i will show up today.