Sunday, September 06, 2009

Give It Up For Khalil

Gibran said it best: "Let there be spaces in your togetherness..." This dude was spot-on with his observation. My kids are waaaaay more fun after a touch of space in our togetherness. Specifically, I had a girls' weekend away in D.C. a few weeks back and then this past weekend I got to spend a whole 2.5 days in Boston with my husband but without our angelic children (not an assumption - my parents tell us they were both great except for the part where Natalie was awake for two hours during the night on Friday). We had a fantastic time.

Have you been to Boston? You totally should go. I'd been as a kid and then again six years ago (still can't believe it was that long ago, but apparently it was) with friends. The first time produced memories of much historical learning - I'm pretty sure there's a picture of me and my sister at Faneuil Hall - though I managed to retain none of the knowledge. The second time was really, really fun but produced scant memories due to a lot of red wine. So this time was great. We did some History 101 review (quite frankly, it would be nearly impossible to spend 48 hours in that city without literally tripping over or running into something of historical significance), we did a lot of walking (thanks to gorgeous weather and the aforementioned NO KIDS), we took naps because we wanted to, we saw Blue Man Group, we ate yummy food, we wandered around Cambridge and the Harvard campus, we browsed in antique stores and learned we got some real deals on our Chinese antiques, and most importantly we met up with our college friend who, six years later, still lives there. Funny enough, we both fought off our own unique illnesses (food allergy for me, migraine for Jeff) and STILL had a great time. You know it's good when you can say that, right? Incidentally we're also becoming the old crotchety people you used to hate as we called the front desk twice the first night about our loud neighbors. I mean, we remember that it's fun to go out drinking but it's really more fun to sleep these days and these guys ruined our sleep. I'll throw down for some sleep.

And that space I mentioned before? Well, it do believe it has been the key to an attitude shift around here. Not sure if the change is Wyatt's, mine or both, but we have been having some really great days. So I'm pretty sure that this makes vacations more mandatory for me. Now I just need to start planning the next one. Who wants the kids?


The Blake Family said...

YAY for vacations with just your hubby!! I love them too! Maybe I need to think about one soon, as J and I have...uh...had some "intense moments of fellowship" lately!! Glad you had a great time! Oh, and I've been to Boston but don't remember anything about it...I was born there and moved when I was 2 years old! Time to go back, I suppose!

Adrienne said...

I think Kansas is your next exotic location...say January! It's beautiful here that time of year!