Saturday, September 26, 2009

Little Joys

1. Using my homemade cleaning supplies.

2. A facial.

3. A quiet house all to myself for two whole hours.

4. Trying a new recipe (successfully) in said quiet house. Just me, my cooking gadgets and some music.

5. Open windows.

6. Sales on current-season clothes.

7. Reconnecting with old friends through the miracles of Facebook.

8. Recipe subscription service (thanks, Whoorl, it was a great suggestion.)

9. Impending vacation.

10. A giggling baby.

11. A no-construction day. No sawing, no hammering, no walking on tarps, no cleaning bits of masonry off my doorknobs, no shop-vac, no grumbling contractor. Bliss.

12. Being a two-parent household again. It was a long week.

13. A little boy asking if maybe, please, if we're good, can we maybe go to the library - as if that's a grand prize - so glad he loves books.

14. And it's only Saturday.

1 comment:

Susan said...

A couple thoughts.

1. I told you that you could learn to love facebook.

2. I would like more details about which products you made and how they're working for you.