Thursday, September 17, 2009


Wyatt is officially a student. Like so many others, he began preschool this week and it seems to be a resounding success. His parent/child orientation was last week and I thought he was going to start crying when it was time to go, so I wasn't concerned about the drop-off on Tuesday, which turned out to be an accurate prediction of how things would go. I, on the other hand, didn't fare was well.  His school has a system where I never leave the car (holla!) so when they plucked him from his seat I got all sad and could barely choke out the words, "have a good day!" without my voice catching. That was completely unexpected! I mean, I've been looking forward to this since FEBRUARY for goodness sake. Don't worry, Wyatt didn't notice and had already scampered into the building before I could even catch a glimpse of him in the rearview mirror. And today, well, let's just say I was just fine with my three hours of greater effiency.

The requisite first day photos:

The one with Natalie was per Wyatt's request. The sibling love here is palpable and should be thoroughly documented because I feel certain there will be a day when it isn't.

So far, Wyatt has been the weather helper, brought home one art project, claims playground time is his favorite, closely followed by lunch and music (notice the more "academic" things don't make his list) and climbed into the car today in his back-up pants. When I asked why he was wearing his jeans, he said, "I had an accident." When I asked what happened, he said, "it's no big deal." By the time we got home he was spilling his guts about how he'd been on the playground and just didn't ask to go potty in time.

And for the other child, Wyatt's first day happened to be her half-birthday. I love this age, or at least this baby at this age. She is so, so, so happy. She smiles all the time, has two teeth to show off, is eating solids when offered (and would probably eat them more, if I would remember to offer them more), is great at sitting up, loves putting everything in her mouth, works hard to get Millie's attention as well as Wyatt's (and already takes mine for granted), spends lots of time jumping, is getting closer to sleeping through the night (I think/desperately hope), is starting to take better naps, squeals with delight when she sees us prepping a bottle, enjoys being outside, wakes up by 'talking' to her toes, plays Lulu's letters in her crib, loves her little pink blanket, has thighs that virtually demand to be squeezed, occasionally holds her own bottle, tips the scales at 16 pounds, is acting like she'll be crawling sooner than later, remains quite chill and just kind of rolls with whatever we do. Have I mentioned that we think she's just about perfect?


The Thomas Crew said...

So sweet, Steph. I feel your pain. The school journey has officially started. You perfectly described one of those parental "YAY!/NOOOOO!" moments that you never see coming until your blindsided by your emotions. It's funny. I don't think we ever fully understand what the term 'bittersweet' means until we have kids.

Some precious kiddos you have, that's for sure.

The Thomas Crew said...

Sorry for my your/you're mixup up there. Just one of my own pet peeves. :)

Adrienne said...

too cute! and yes...the sibling love will start to end as soon as she starts crawling and getting into "Wyatt's" things...and may come to a head in about a year and a half. Did I tell you that yesterday I was not only willing to sell the two children I have but the two still yet to be born. Not a good day! Miss you!

Susan said...

Love the pictures! Glad he loves school!