Sunday, September 13, 2009

What Lies Beneath

We're demolishing our kids' bathroom. It's been kind of fun, although it's easy for me to say that because Jeff did all the heavy lifting (both literally and figuratively). The tub was chipped, so it needed replaced and you know us, we'll just gut and remodel while we're at it. I feel like all my years of watching HGTV have finally paid off. Truthfully, I started watching home improvement shows before it was cool, back in the days of New Yankee Workshop and This Old House, Saturday mornings on PBS. Then there was Frugal Gourmet....ahh, the good ol' days. Anyway....we removed the old vanity with its cultured marble top, took out the supertall toilet, chiseled away the tile on the tub surround and then Jeff took a sawsall to the fiberglass tub. Last task: the floor. We thought we'd just be taking up the tan linoleum but it turned out we also had to remove the 1/4" plywood underneath. The real treat came next.

Have I ever mentioned this house was built in the 80's?

You're looking at layers of linoleum. The original appears to have been a more late-70's-inspired faux tile with a small floral pattern. Someone then got the bright idea to add peel and stick black and white checks over that. It was dizzying when the whole floor exposed itself. It makes me wonder if at some point the walls were splatter painted, too. I'm thinking that new surfaces we're putting in will be slightly more appealing to the masses, but on the flipside, they won't make you want to break out a disco ball or a fog machine.

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