Saturday, October 24, 2009

On Saving Face

Wyatt is having a little trouble lately with sharing the family room (he wants all the space to himself for playing football) and apologizing. Am I raising a man or what?

So this morning, he was serving a timeout for throwing a fit about Natalie occupying the center of the family room and, when time was up, I asked him to please apologize to his sister for pushing her. He stalled. I gave him another chance and reminded him that saying "sorry" is part of the deal; if he was unable to muster it again, I'd be allowing him to spend a little more quality time on the step thinking about his choices. He opted to test me. I opted to send him back to timeout.

He cried, again, loudly. Then he settled. Then he shouted, "Mommy, I followed directions last night for Alese!" We said nothing. Again, "but Mommy! I followed directions last night for Alese!"

Well fantastic. Perhaps I'll just start having the sitters stay over.


Susan said...

We often laugh about how Andrew is still reeling from the arrival of his brother and the need to share his things and space. It's only been 3.5 years! And, I also think that you should be pleased he's good for Alese. You're his safe zone so he's allowed to be little turkey for you!

The Blake Family said...

Do they all get together and talk about these things and then agree to test us all at the same time?? We are dealing with similar issues with our little man as well! Arg!!

Laurie said...

Wyatt can always make me laugh out loud with all the clever things he says!

And by the way, congratulations on getting school in Kansas. That is awesome! Y'all are going to have so much fun.

Miss y'all!