Saturday, December 12, 2009

Who Needs a Sleigh?

Funny thing: all fighter pilots' kids will grow up wondering why Santa needs a magic sleigh when he can just hop in a jet. He chose the backseat of an F-15 today, arriving in time to visit our kids' Christmas party at the squadron. I wasn't sure how 'into' Santa Wyatt was until I watched him, awestruck, watching the big man in action.

Santa's jet delivered him right to the squadron's door, so all the kids watched from the DO's office, plastered up against the big window waving their little hearts out. Daddy made sure Wyatt was getting a good look at St. Nick.

Then all the kids piled out of the office, heading for the stairs so they could be the first to greet Santa when he came up. Wyatt was leading the charge until he came face to face with Santa, at which point he morphed from WYATT! to Wyatt, shy-boy-in-awe-of-greatness.

(Please note the hands behind the back posture.)

So then all the kids sat and waited for Santa to call their name. And for Wyatt, the wait just went on and on and on.

He finally looked over at me and said, "I don't think Santa has a present for me!" Right after I put my heart back together, I assured him Santa absolutely had a present for him but that he'd just have to be patient. After a couple more kids were called up, I watched my little boy fight back tears, trying so hard to believe. So that's when my friend went and found Wyatt's gift and handed it to Santa's elf, assuring that Wyatt would be next.

That's when WYATT! returned, bolted up for his gift and his candycane and then sat down again.

No, he couldn't be troubled with sitting on Santa's lap. Perhaps we should've explained it all a little better, since he brought his wrapped gift (a book, like all the other kids' gifts) to me and said in a slightly sad voice, "but I wanted a football." I told him this was just a really lucky pre-Christmas visit with Santa, and that this was a chance for him to tell Santa directly what he's really hoping for. He seemed pleased with that and promptly ditched the book in favor of his uber-cool blue candycane.

Meanwhile, Natalie held down the fort at the ops desk.

And did I mention that Grandpa and Grandma arrived last night?

So we're just really glad that Wyatt's head didn't explode with all the excitement (and sugar. so. much. frosting. and sprinkles. and cupcakes. and cookies. ) and that he's getting into the holiday spirit. I love this time of year!

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Lisa said...

That santa story made my eyes well up a little....sweet Wyatt!! Great pictures!