Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Growing Pains

Where on Earth have I been and why are there so few posts? Excellent question. I don't have a good answer except that we're just....busy. I'm trying to figure out exactly what we've been up to and the best I can figure all this non-blogging is because, in the past few weeks, there's just been a lot of life getting in the way. I hosted a (pretty fun if I do say so myself because we have an awesome group of wives right now) baby shower for which I decided everything needed to be from scratch. Two attempts on the cake later, we had a yummy strawberry confection with cream cheese frosting (thanks to Smitten Kitchen) with pound cake/ganache petit fours and take-home sugar cookies. I'm a sucker for a take-home cookie. Thankfully two other friends co-hosted and cooked all the brunch food!

We've also abandoned the morning nap around here. I remember this stage with Wyatt and that it lasted forever. He started giving it up right around his first birthday but was wildly unpredictable about it until our trip to Hong Kong (remember that one? It was a good one.) where we decided that we would not sacrifice a morning to letting our kid sleep in the hotel room. I guess I learned from that the benefits of forcing the change because I've been kind of a slave driver to sweet Natalie in keeping her awake all morning. If I let her sleep at all, she either won't sleep in the afternoon or cries forever before falling asleep and I'm not really so fond of that. So Nat and I have spent a lot of mornings running errands while Wyatt's at school and when he's home, the three of us have to get creative with operation-keep-the-baby-awake. So far it's working like a charm. Wyatt especially likes the part where I let him help keep her awake in the car. He likes the yelling.

We also have these new computers (yay Mac! Did I mention that before? I'm in LOVE) and are still trying to get everything (and by everything, I mean the only thing that matters one bit to me: photos) switched over. The goal is to put them all on the big computer and let my laptop access them via the network. However, we have some sort of glitch that is 99.99% sure to be caused by user error. We've also had to get a different card reader (not built in to the Macs - don't let it stop you from getting one!) which I finally managed to pick up on Sunday, so now I need to download all the more recent pics. It's been fun to look back through the old photos as they've moved. In doing so, we've discovered that Wyatt is getting really big. He looked like such a toddler only a year ago and now he's such a preschooler. Subtle changes but significant, you know?

And to back up that theory (the one where Wyatt is actually growing), he called me into his room last night and was crying that his foot hurt all over. I believe that he was really in pain because I'm pretty quick to point out his fake cries and this wasn't one of them. I think that he might literally be having growing pains so if anyone has any tips on how to handle those, please let me know. My mind is also spinning about Natalie's birthday. I'm looking forward to her "party" and all that it entails but have decided I'm not really a fan of her first year being over. Thankfully I have five more days before it's official. Where did the last 360 days go?

Speaking of the sweet girl, she's up so I'm off.


The Blake Family said...

Cannot believe that she will be one in 5 days! Where DID the year go?? Great to catch up on your "goings on".

Susan said...

Oh boy. Andrew is Mr. Growing Pain. They usually happen, with him, about an hour-three hours after he goes to bed and there's no mistaking they're real. I don't think kids can fake writhe in pain in their sleep that way. Motrin and foot/leg rubs work here. Also, he sometimes likes to have the effected leg/foot propped up on a pillow on his bed. Hope that helps.

Laurie said...

Poor Wyatt! Bless his little heart. Both of your kiddos seem to be growing so fast. I can't believe that Natalie is about to be a year old!!
By the way, I'm co-hosting a baby shower at my house soon. Maybe you could give me some tips. Sounds like yours was awesome!
Hugs to you all!