Monday, May 31, 2010

Good Times

My sister and her family are here visiting and there are some seriously great things happening. The boys are  playing really well together and Natalie is holding her own quite nicely, thankyouverymuch. Today's agenda included rocket-building, lots of playing, a visit to our local Air & Space Museum, a water balloon fight and sno-cones. There have been some hilarious comments around here - mostly by the younger generation - and lots of fun. Things I've learned today:

1. When you're almost seven, you know almost everything including that Jupiter does, in fact, have one small ring. And also? When you're almost seven you've now had three sno-cones in your life.

2. When you're four (and almost four), if you are pretend-flying a jumbo jet, you have to watch out for gunnage; your pretend tower calls will include things like, "we've been shotted" and you will repeat anything that your daddy/uncle tells you to say.

3. My cooking is, for the most part, "not yummy".

4. If you're four and feel kind of crummy already, it is heartbreaking for your brother to tag you out in front yard baseball.

5. If you're almost four and your mommy makes you take a bath with your sister instead of your cousins, it is the meanest thing that has ever happened in your whole life.

6. If you're almost seven, going to swim in the Chesapeake Bay is high on your to-do list. And if you're an adult with said almost-seven-year old, you are under strict orders not to mention anything about it not being the Atlantic Ocean.

7. If you're a worn out kid, even sleeping in the same room with two other little boys doesn't keep you awake.

8. If a mom says that a baby can't share fever germs, the four-year-old with said fever might say, "yeah, because they're mine" as if it's something to be really proud of.

9. If you're a girl baby, you should shriek every once in a while just to make sure people are aware of you.

10. If you are the uncle, you will waste many minutes of your life making really accurate rockets for the under-seven set, who will most likely not notice the really accurate sticker placement.

11. If you are almost four, you should remind your cousins that you should "go to sleep because this is the last sleep you'll get before the next sleep."

Good advice. I'm out.


Adrienne said...

This made me smile this morning! It sounds like you are having a wonderful time! Enjoy and tell Susan & Mark hello!

Susan said...

Because he's often very accurate in these assertions, I just googled it. Jupiter does indeed have rings.

Stephanie said...

I had no doubt about jupiter's ring. If I learned one thing it's that Andrew knows more at six than I do at thirty-four!

Stephanie said...

I had no doubt about jupiter's ring. If I learned one thing it's that Andrew knows more at six than I do at thirty-four!

Rosemary said...

These are classics, Stephanie. Thanks for recording them for us to read. So glad you all could be together and that you all had such a wonderful time, with a little illness exception here and there. What beautiful cousins and super parents!