Thursday, June 10, 2010

Called Out

You know how you swore up and down you'd never lick your fingers to clean off your kid's face? And then one day, you had to because you were without a wipe and you needed something sticky to detach itself? And then you realized hey, that's convenient and the kid didn't seem to mind so what harm can there be?

Well, when that kid is almost four, he might look at you and say, "hey, don't lick your finger and put it on my face!" He was so good-natured about it that I'm pretty sure I have to abide by those wishes. Now I'm off to re-stock the wipes.


Darling's said...

Noted. Good thing I have a few years till the voice of reason comes my way =-)

Erin said...

I vowed that I would *never* do that. Instead, I make my kid lick my finger and use their spit to wash their face. Works out very nicely!!