Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I think that if someone could please tell me what sort of developmental purpose is served by whining and tantrums, I would be more able to tolerate them.


I mean, surely they serve a purpose, right? Has there ever been, in the history of man, a child who didn't whine or throw fits?

But then again, why do I have an appendix?

Deep thoughts. That's what I'm here for.


The Thomas Crew said...

Loved catching up on the blog today. I can't believe how much Natalie is growing but I can believe how cute they both are!

SStites said...

Well, I think the purpose of tantrums and whining must be to make the parents not quite so sad to see their kids grow up! Of course the whining may continue for many years. . .just for other reasons! :) And you do have those wonderful teen age years to which you can look forward!

Leslie said...

I think the tantrums might be for comic relief...just when you start wondering where a big wooden spoon might be and if you could justify using it on their little behind, they throw themselves down and throw the most ridiculous little fit which looks hilarious and reminds you that you're not yet dealing with a full pack of crayons. Just the most vibrant ones.

The Blake Family said...

I'm convinced that whining happens in our house because Jackson likes my reaction. In fact, I've asked him on several occasions if he is whining/throwing tantrum/talking back/screaming........for my benefit. He stops, looks at me, and then says "yes" and continues. Makes me even madder!!

SStites said...

Forgot to tell you earlier, but in a child development class I took at the U of A, Oscar Christianson, a wonderful professor, advised "taking your sail out of their wind" when they throw a tantrum. However, he cautioned that some children are very creative, and if you leave the room while they are tantruming, they will simply follow you and continue wherever you stop. So the key is. . .DON'T STOP, just keep moving! You'll get your exercise anyway! :)

Adrienne said...

My Theory: To keep rehab facilities in business! I will be a patient if they don't stop around here!