Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Things that are Remarkable

1. the lady in the commissary at 10 am wearing a strapless dress and stilettos.

2. that the same lady is the one who pointed out Natalie was eating her shoe while we waited in line.

3. that Natalie, at 16 mos., has now had her first car ride while facing forward.

4. that Natalie is, perhaps, the first child ever to like facing backwards more.

5. that Wyatt willingly went down for a nap before noon.

6. that our house has completely upchucked on us in recent weeks yet we seem to have escaped major financial fallout.

7. the peanut butter frosting I just made for a chocolate cake, then topped with chocolate peanut butter glaze. Can't wait for dessert!

8. that no matter how many ways or times I say "you may not put your hands/feet/face/arms/legs/body on your sister to stop her from doing something", it continues to go unheeded.

9. how expensive our dog is.

10. how quickly my clean house isn't clean anymore.


The Blake Family said...

Comment #1: this lady sounds like she is visiting from Vegas!! Never ceases to amaze me what is "appropriate" dress attire here for going out in public! And...I TOTALLY agree with comment #10...this week, I've just let our house be messy (and, I've proven that it continues to drive me nuts when it is in that state!)

Adrienne said...

I think you are pretty remarkable!

Laurie said...

#9: Oh, Millie...bless her little heart!
#5: Good work, Wyatt! And Steph, can you tell me how to get my older child to nap at all without me having to strap her into the Robert Robert and take her for a run in 97 degree heat? Yes, I should win "Mother Of The Year" for doing that, huh?

Jonathan and Tara Airhart said...

#1 is obviously from Ukraine...however, I must verify that her bra was exposed in some way, shape, or form and that she was tanned to a nice shade of burnt umber before I can be 100% sure!!