Thursday, August 05, 2010

Every Little Thing

There's nothing like living with little people to make you realize all your faults and foibles. Fortunately, I think we positively impact our kids every once in a while, too. Like last Sunday, when I got a new water bottle for my long runs* and both of them had to try it on and run around the house with it.

Nat opted for no bottle

Wyatt chose to use his own cup

*yes, still running but not as much as I should. However, did 9 last weekend and am aiming for 10 this Sunday. Fingers crossed!


The Blake Family said...

You go girl!! (Every now and then I run...can't seem to get up early enough to "beat the heat" here!!)

Lisa said...

I don't know how you do it, that is so awesome! 3 I think will always and forever be my max. Its like I just can't will myself any further.

Stephanie said...

I should be clear - I have friends to run with and I'm not pushing a stroller for the long ones! Those two things together put at least another 3 miles in my legs :)

kristen said...

You Rock! :) Would love to be able to do the 4 mile loop again with you....boy was it hot that day. I found that running at 9200ft in Colorado with No stroller was great and SOOO much cooler.