Sunday, October 17, 2010

On the Road

Yesterday, Jeff and I had the great pleasure of going to a real live book launch in Richmond. Remember when I told you that our friend had written a book about her family? Well, it officially debuted yesterday to a crowd of hundreds at the Virginia Historical Society. You can read more about it here, here and maybe even here. We enjoyed the experience, partially because (let's face it) I'm never in a position to attend book launches but mostly because we know a little about how much life Elizabeth has poured into the book. And let me tell you, it was hard to put it down last night to go to bed and I'm so glad it's with me right now.

Why right now? Well that would be because I'm blogging to you from the hallway of a hotel in North Carolina. Sounds nice, doesn't it? We decided, kind of abruptly, to get out of town and see the Outer Banks. You know, we have to start checking things off the list since we're moving and all. Why not wait until the last three months to squeeze it all in? Kind of keeps things interesting. In our minds, we were going to rent a house for a few nights but when push came to shove (or rather keyboard came to search engine) we found that not many people want to rent their houses for only a couple of nights and on such short notice. And then I decided that maybe I didn't want to deal with grocery shopping to stock another fridge for only a couple of nights, because I'm lazy like that.

So here we are, in the hallway of our hotel because it's really hard for two overtired little people to fall asleep with their parents right in the room. After a lot of screaming from young Natalie ("mama! ma daddy! ma mama! daddyyyyy!" then Wyatt's voice, then quiet, then more "mama! mama! daddyyyyy! MAMA!" it was awesome), they're finally out. It's no wonder, considering the amount of playing they managed on the beach today. We arrived just in time to eat lunch but practically had to tie Wyatt to his chair so he'd finish; he was just so excited to get to the beach! Natalie was just excited because her brother was and we all know - let's say it together - if it's good enough for Wyatt, then it's good enough for Natalie.

We have no grand plans for our time here, but are hoping to see the Wright Brothers Museum. We've mentioned to Wyatt that the first flight ever took place right here and he's pretty excited about it. However, after seeing a photo at lunch of the Wright Brothers with pieces of one of their failed attempts, he later informed me that "the first ever airplane crash happened right here!" Pessimist. Either that or he's going to work for the NTSB because he's far too interested in plane crashes. Hopefully all of the (more positive) history of it will hit home a little more with him after we make it to the museum. I also predict a Wright Flyer will be landing on the base in Wyatt's room when we return.

Of course I'm taking pictures, but of course I didn't bring the card readers so I could actually access them on the road (brilliant, right?) so you'll just have to imagine the shenanigans of the youngest Rocks keeping their parents on their toes. Because trust me, they are. But we're having fun and we're glad to be together as a family everyone's glad to be with Jeff. I can't tell if he's thrilled or annoyed that his departure from the room brings on a round of cries (not from me, of course, though I do really like him and enjoy his company) and his arrival means two small bodies are attempting to climb him. I think a couple more days of family adventure will be the perfect way to finish out his leave.

I think they're really asleep, so I guess that means I can go back in and read a little more Finding Thalhimers before bed. I have a sneaking suspicion they'll be up nice and early, ready for round two of Operation: Coat the Parents in Sand and Operation: Sprint Headlong into the Atlantic, so I'd better get rested. Tomorrow could be a really great day!


Adrienne said...

Awesome pics!

Adrienne said...

Oops...wrong post! That was supposed to be from the other one. I'm glad you are enjoying the book. I bought it, but haven't started it.