Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Embracing Reality

1. Two posts in one day - impressed much?

2. I'm adjusting to small-town living: after book club tonight (which ended before I could be sure my littles were in bed), I decided to spend some quiet time at the Leavenworth library. I went to read magazines and was glad to find a nice assortment. I arrived at eight, and at a quarter after they made the first in a series of PA's detailing the timeline of their evening shutdown procedures: no new cards after 8:30, no new searches in the Kansas Room past 8:45, no check-outs past 8:50. Then they proceeded to make the same announcement every 15 minutes. No problem, I wasn't planning to take anything with me. So at 8:50 when   they made their last PA about check-outs being complete, I finished the article I was reading and returned the magazines to the shelves. It was 8:55 as I strolled past the front desk and 8:55:05 as I rounded the corner and had the front doors in sight. And then they turned out all the lights! Yep, I'm a party girl - I shut down the library here tonight. Small town fun!


Darling's said...

Way to go, Steph....watch out Real Wives of Kansas!!! ;)

Leslie said...

Heaven...quietly flipping through magazines in a small town library, knowing that someone else is wrestling your children into bed. Love it.